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MGT-2018 has been held on 24th and 25th December 2018, Click for Details

MGT-2019 was held on 22nd December 2019, Click for Details


With the visit of Sanjay Krishna (1982) to Delhi some of the Baraunians including Umesh Sharma, Nidhi Chaturvedi, Pankaj Bhardwaj met and some issues related to the group were discussed in details with the help of Shri Pradeep Chaturvedi . This society is registered society and was registered in 2009 it is imperative that the executive committee of the society may be reconstituted .  Members should come forward and express their opinion on this issue. It was also discussed that the group has lost the focus of the it has become only a group holding annual MGT and no other activity is being done so members are requested to come forward with solutions so that this group may do some more activities as per the discussions.  It is imperative that at least two three persons from every batch should come forward  and take over the matter and revisit the issues of organizing the events and serving more utility to the community.  Please make your suggestions on the group there after a road map will be chalked out.

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This is the K V HFC Barauni Alumni Web Site!!!

Baraunians, Welcome Home!

If you have been looking for old friends from Kendriya Vidyalaya HFC Barauni (Urvarak Nagar, Barauni Campus, Bihar), then you have finally found the right website!!!  It has been online since August 2009 ! Since, it was the first Central School of Barauni, some people call it simply as KV Barauni. Also, as it is (was) situated in the campus of HFC Barauni Colony, some people call it KV HFC Barauni. We love to happily address each other as a Baraunian.

Start your journey into the past by sending your data to in the prescribed format below. We would appreciate you submitting your information to help us build a larger database of former classmates. You are sure to find some of your old friends.... and they are sure to find you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and support this web site. If you are listed on this site and would like to have your information updated or removed, please send us an e-mail ( and we will make the correction(s). If you know of someone who attended KV HFC Barauni and he / she does not have e-mail and you would like to be their online contact, just submit their information with you as the e-mail contact. This Website is currently managed jointly by Bimal Kumar Singh (1984), Nitesh Kumar (2009) and Devendra Singh (1984).

Be Baraunian Forever !

Applying for Membership:
Baraunians still not on Members list may submit their details through Membership Request Page or through email to in the following format with Subject "I am a Baraunian, add me too":

Batch Year [Year when you passed / would have passed 12th]: 
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Date of Marriage [DD/MM/YYYY]: 
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Postal Address: 
Occupation / Designation / Organization: 
Year of Joining KV HFC Barauni YYYY]
Class in which you joined in the above Year: 
Year of Leaving KV HFC Barauni [YYYY]
Class in which you left KV HFC Barauni: 
Any additional Information / Comments / Remarks your would like to share: 

DOB and DOM is required so that Baraunians may wish each other and chat on the occasion and thus we are in continued touch.

Batch-Year means, the year when one passed Class 12th (or would have passed Class 12th if not shifted from the School). E.g. in case Mr A studied till class 9th in the School and then shifted to some other place, but his other batch-mates passed class 12th in say 1992, then Mr A's batch year is 1992.

We have created a Group Mail-ID / Distribution List for Baraunians - (moderated). First Mail-ID submitted with membership request is subscribed to the Group too. Tech-Savvy people can view the archive of past discussions, but that will require Google Login with your subscribed Mail-ID.

Net Etiquette for Baraunians Group Mail !
1. Always write your Batch-Year below your Message.
2. No personal attack at all (come whatever it may be).
3. No offensive Jokes (having any kind of sexually implicit words or related to specific walk of society etc).
4. Do not propagate Hoaxes.
5. No self boasting. Behave with each other as when you were a Kid. Do not show off your designation or position.
6. No Jokes and forwarded Gyan. Many people have complained us about cluttering of their mail boxes. Many people have informed us that these Jokes are of just dustbin value to them.

See the Location of our beloved Alma Matter on Google Maps below:
View KV HFC Barauni, Bihar, India in a larger map
1. From Barauni Railway Station 5 km towards Zero Mile.
2. From Hathidha Railway Station 10 km towards Zero Mile
3. From Begusarai Railway Station 10 km towards Zero Mile.
4. From Zero Mile to KV HFC Barauni 1.5 km.

Our Postal Address

Ex-Students Welfare Society of KV HFC
112, New Delhi House,
27, Bara Khambha Road,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110001, India