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Story by Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) - 11-Aug-2009 14:32 - Batch-1984-B

Going to the club earlier to loot the chairs , going through the movies reel by reel. and in the interval eating shahsi's cutlet.

And sometimes when the powercut was there leaving the movie halfway (does anyone remember the movie which was left midway).

Going back home through the aam ka bageecha and in between some shaitan bacche crying and making darawani awaz.

And there is no end to school time talks. sometimes i just wonder how we talked endlessly in the school and then continuing the discussion in the evening also with the same friends.

I do remember my classmates of B section -rama , sharda, nirmala, alpana, seema, manisha, amita suri, veena tiwary and also some of the boys in our section- sharad sinha,rajeev singh, sanjay pandey, palit, ajay,  .... i am trying to retrieve the photograph when we were in Vth B.

When i see the profile of most of our schoolmates , I feel so happy to find most of them in high ranking jobs. it makes me so proud. thanks to all for their effort to get the top positions.

I will try to be in regular contact. Those who remember me are most welcome to contact me on mail or mobile irrespective of which class or section they were.

Story by Subodh Kumar Bhatta 11-Aug-2009 15:36 - Batch-1985

Adding to nostalgic trip..

I recollect Ganga ki Saungadh got interrupted due to power outage :-).

Also do you remember the market near type 3 A. And the samosa and the tomato chatni sold there by guys who use to own the aanta chakki. It was sold at 10 paise a piece.

And lush fields where we use to play all kinds of games.

Aam ka bageechaa- Bahut aam toda hey wahan sey aur phir chowkidaar bhagata tha..

Kya-kya yaad karein..

In words of Ali Sardar Zafri
"Wo maasoom chaahat ki tasveer apni
Wo khwabon khilono ki taabir jaageer apni
Na duniya ka gham tha na rishton ke bandhan
Badi khoobsoorat thi wo zindgaani"

Story by Devendra Singh - 11-Aug-2009 16:18 - Batch-1984-A

The first thing I always remember is the time we passed at the "Lovers Lane" Road corner point of Club Gate and Type-4A, somewhat towards the back side of the Nursery. We the Group in the "Photo Gallery" section called that Corner as Lovers Lane. I do not remember why.

Story by Vibha Tailang (Chaudhary) - 11-Aug-2009 20:44 - Batch-1983

Saw the Baraunian's underconstruction website....and that day's Photographs...Last time I have been to Bihar, especially Barauni in 2001...went to see all the corners of Barauni HFC, including our School. Its really disheartening that It closed down, but school is still running!...Out Township was good mixture of Gaon-Shaher, Educated Gentle People and Rangdars...Goondas!...HFC has Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwara, and Church....Officers club, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Aam ka Baagicha, Flower Nursery, Vinod Kendra, Markets,...this industrial belt was devoloped and Surrounded by village like Papraul, Cheria Bariapur..Rangdaron ka ILaka..Bihat...Simaria(Rashtra kavi late Dinkar ji ka Ilaka, I and Sudhirji have been to his house)...Begusarai..Market Cinema Hall, Oil Refinary, Thermal Power-Mokama Ghat...Ganga Kinare...Vahan ki Chatt Puja....Lomdi's ..etc!!! It was Mini-India as People from different states, Different Caste, Creed and religion, different strata was living there....I had vivid memory of National Car race on National Highway...famously known as zero mile!...That was first time I saw such colourful fancy...cars, with fancy lights...and great speed...I used to be afraid of occasional protest by Trade Union leaders...their Lal Saalam and Slogans, specially...Mashal-Julooose...in the night...in early days!  
Memories are never ending....

Story by Abhimanyu Kaul - 13-Aug-2009 06:04 - Batch-1985

It is very encouraging and nostalgic to read all the mails. Many childhood days became alive. Everyone may say that childhood days are very precious.. i think it is these moments when we willingly choose to take the trip down the memory lane does the childhood get acknowledged as precious.

Barauni, a small and probably a very insignificant station in the country, has a special place in our heart for it has our 'childhood' attached to it. Thank you friends for reminding those colorful days of clubs, movies , Cutlets, power outage, stealing mangoes- etc.. 

I remember how we celebrated Holy.. specially when i lived in Type 3B. We organized the first big holika... Anil Bharadwaj etc took the lead. we collected all kind of wood, (remember throwing a charpai (wooden) lying outside into holika) then waking everyone up at mid night to light the holika... it was amazing experience. then Holy had its own charm.. 
Remember first playing at our respective places then going in group to GM banglow (even though that time we had different agends :))

thanks to Principal Sri A. N. Singh we had some good cultural programs, decent sports days... i remember once we did a play in which i was acting like a cop and had to catch a theif, Guess who was that - Our dear Satyan :)) I was to hit and he had to fall..but at the very moment he was looking at other direction. My 'hit' did not make any difference to him ... i repeated my 'hit' but he kept standing.. then i had to scream 'Satyan giro meine 2 bar mar diya yaar" and then he fell saying "oh sorry"... :))) what a childhood!!!

Remember - our first cultural program was done on a stage made by borrowed charpai's from everyones homes. after which grant was issued to build the stage. 

Remember - our scout camp which was done first time in the ground in front of the school. We erected tents and lived there for few days. it was wonderful experience. Then our trips to Nimach, Delhi etc on scouting camps. 

Remember - our first music teacher  please help with name -- whose favorite song was 'Aa chal key tujhey mein le ke chalon ... "

Remember - Satya Priya sir... who loved to repair = from Radios to bikes... and

Remember - Mrs P. Jha madam - i foundly remember her as she taught us from lower grades and came back to teach Sanskrit for (i think) class X. We just treated her like mother.. she had tough time controlling us. :)

Remember - Manju madam, our biology teacher - some how i was one of her favorites...:) once during the practical exam we had to dissect and draw the frog or cockroach. As luck would have it we had an external invigilator that day. during the exam she realized that most of us did not know the answer... so she took the invigilator out on some pretext and our friend Rakesh Kohli came to our rescue.. he drew the whole thing on the board and needless to say we all did well :)

Remember Sri Bhat Sir - History genius - He created my interest in History. I liked him because he did not read from book line by line to teach. He would speak history as his passion. 

Remember our English teacher Mr. Singh (i am very bad with names, my apologies)= I liked the way he explained poetry... unfortunately he had to translate into Hindi most of the time to explain hahahaha... 

Well I am sure you all can add lot to this list... these are some random thoughts from me.. 

Story by Devendra Singh - 13-Aug-2009 11:08 - Batch-1984-A

I was in touch of Satya Priya throughout these years.

Since, my Batch (1984-A) was one of the most notorious in the School due to the All-Boys Class in a Co-Ed School. We had given Nick Names to almost all the Teachers. Satya Priya Sir was called as Chakrapani and interestingly he knew it. The Batchmates, often asked him, Sir, Chakkar aa raha hai Pani Pine Jaain? And he used to become furious, without revealing why he was furious.

After retirement, he Opened a School in Motihari. A Man of Principles, the School had to fail in Bihar. He lost every penny of his savings of his life. At that time I had sent him some small token amount (only small amount as at that time I too had goofed up my 7 lacs to a Builder). He recently reminded me about it and said that he has to return the money. I politely refused.

I spoke to our beloved Geography Teacher Mr R K Tiwary. I reminded him that he used to beat us in School with Elbow and Wrist and called it Tiwary Estyle. He laughed a Loud.

Tiwary Sir's Class was mostly just after the Lunch Break and every one felt sleepy. Sensing this, Once he drew an Ocean on the Black Board and asked, if I take a Jug of water from it, there will become a pit. We all said in a Chorus, Yes Sir. He repeated, there will be a pit in Ocean Water. We again said Yes Sir. After it happened three four times, he said wake Gadhon and he applied his favorite Tiwary Estye to three four of us.

I spoke to Bhatta Sir too a couple of days back. He while teaching History, always went ahead to discuss Pakistan. He often sited that if one member from each of families of at least Bihar went to Pakistan with a Lota of Water (for what purpose you can understand), Pakistan will get washed away.

Mrs Putul Jha and Mr Dhananjaya Jha are residing in Patna. But, I do not have contacts with them.

I had met B B Tiwari while he was Principal in K V Ghazipur (Opium Factory Campus). He passed away sometime back. God may give peace to his Sole.

Mr D Shah, I met him in Gorakhpur some years back. Remember he always hit us with his Key-Bunch.

Story by Ajay Kumar - 13-Aug-2009 13:19 - Batch-1985

Vibha jee,
Oh great memory. I remember you too well and your entire family. We can talk about it later. Here, I just want to comment on trade union things, what you were afraid off, I was fascinated , my father used to close all windows of my house and of course door, at the time to union meeting, because he never too liked it, my house was just next to union office,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and you know, what happened ultimately, I joined them, worked in IPTA and Left movement in Bihar and UP for long finaling joining them as whole time worker in settling down at Ajoy Bhavan, Delhi.
Taboo, Bihat, become very dear and developed very good rapo, with villagers over there, it almost become my next house, can anyone beleive girls of that small village used to be out with us doing theatre, till late in night, I can\t imagine this, in those conservative time, even in township no such open contact was allowed between girls and boys.............................. going to a house in Bihat, to interview a girl, who did her MBBS from former USSR was one of my first few assingment as local journalist and I was surprised the way I was treated in that Village by that girl family,which made me feel that the village was way ahead of us,  you know they too used to call us "townshipiya", so there was wide gap, as we see today and try to understand the conflict between people who lost there land Singur is an example of it.
We can go on and on, you were in my house, Jyoti, headed by Shri. Y P Singh. Nice memory, and helping me to relive those special and treassured moment. Dear, one of my first news report published in Indian Nation, was on HFC Hospital, headed by dear Uncle Dr. C D Chodhary jee, yes you all can understand, what would have happened, I started getting in trouble with every one, Commandant Kaul, Admn, Officer, Mr. Maurya, union leaders, even our teachers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ya, you pay that price to be a journalist...........

Story by Daljit Singh - 13-Aug-2009 10:58 - Batch-1994-C

You have enlightened and refreshed a lot of old memories here. I must say you have a very sharp memory (I forgot a lot of teacher's name). I remember our English teacher Mr Das who taught us to use scetch pens for colourful writings everyday and my copy was always on display for others in our class for using multiple colours and writings. I remember the story of your stage play with Satyan and we had laughed a lot after the show.  I also cannot forget a lot of other mischievous activities done by you during school days.
You also made me remember our music teacher who used to prepare national songs for annual days. Other than the song you described, there was another one " utho jawano, utho ae veeron utho arya santaan ki maata mang rahi vardaan......" I was part of both of these songs on the stage. I remember when Mr Bhatti used to come and prepare us for bhangra dance and it was liked by everyone on school's annual day.  You have made me remember the scout and guide camp days, when we used to stay awake all night as night guards moving around the different camps with big noise of "lathi" in our hands. There was campfire all night  long during winter days. We also used to steal things from other camps sometimes. Early mornings we had to clean our tents and prepare beds etc. Principal and group used to come to see which tent was cleanest and ranked the camps in order of cleanliness. I used to lead the scouts parade with flag so many times. I remember when we went to represent our school for national scout day and President Fakrudin ali Ahmed had passed away. We had return back in just a few days.
It reminds me of annual sports tournaments in the school fields with a lot of competition. Also 26 Jan parade with so many groups (with different colour of flags for each one)....I forgot the name of houses that were called for the groups.
We might have chosen different professions and spread different part of world but our childhood period is common in all of our memories.  It is nice to see getting reunited here. Although we may not be able to join you guys in your get together being other part of world, still we are there to support the group and would like to see it growing and helping the needful.

Story by Anuj Kumar Jain - 20-Aug-2009 20:25 - Batch-1984-A

It's really exhilarating to see the overwhelming response from everybody. The golden memories which we still carry right from those days when our school was in 4A and gradually it become a full fledged Kendriya Vidyalaya till class 12th. My goodness how time has flown. The vivid description given by all of u has taken me back to childhood and the flash back of the whole time we spent together is haunting my mind. Well those lovable, fun and innocent days can never be forgotten and the fun of recollecting all those moments is only possible by having a gala/mega meet.

Story by Devendra Singh - 30-Aug-2009 11:31 - Batch-1984-A
Once, in our class, Malay Mishra was running and Sayeed Khan was chasing him badly. Sayeed was chasing Malay, because, Malay had a big pinkish ripend Guava in his hand. The chasing game continued for about 15-20 minutes wading through the desks. Finally, Sayeed jumped and caught hold of Malay's hands. Now, the Guava was in the hands of Sayeed. He enjoyed the Guava, while Malay looked helplessly. When Sayeed finished the Guava, it was the turn of Malay to enjoy. He shouted, Sayeed, maine tumhara Ramzan ka Roza tudwa diya. Now, Sayeed was once again chasing Malay through the corridors of the School.

Story by Abhishek (Robin) Singh 26-Oct-2009 20:14 - Batch-1996
There was something unique in cosmopolitan Barauni's soil as its memories are buried and still fresh in my sole. Though I am quite junior to you all, but can still recall  the name of all my respectable, seniors. Hats off to the place, I still recall the following things from the place.
1) The Club and the Vinod Kendra - Swapping of Cinema Reels.
2) The Mandir - Durga puja, Ravan and their Kutumb's Putla Dahan used to be a fabulous event.
3) Diwali.
4) The jungle and the Mali - Mali was better than US Delta force, U never knew from which direction they will come and grab you and produce at Nursery then headed by Sh Mahavir Singh Uncle.
5) The samosa of Rajasthan Hotel and Seth-Atta Chhaki owner were greater than the  likes of TAJ and MCDONALDS or anyone.
6) Holika Dahan was the greatest Holika Dahan of all times.
There are many more to come.... I would like to end with a famous Ghalib Sher ...
आह को चाहिये एक उम्र असर होने तक,
कौन जीता है तेरी ज़ुल्फ के सर होने तक

आशिक़ी सब्र तलब और तमन्ना बेताब
दिल का क्या रंज करूं खूने जिगर होने तक