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Event Narration


For those who are interested in knowing the details of the events leading to MGT-2009 here is the detailed account:-

MGT-2009 Venue
MGT-2009 Stage

ORGANIZING MEETINGS:- Held on 15/11/09 at Hotel Fortune & 13/12/09 at the Venue, The Centaur. Details are already posted on group mail. It was a great feeling of being part of such process. The organizing members were neither nominated, elected or requested by any one it was 100% volunteering on their part. 

Most active people attending the meetings, quick gatherings etc. in the order of their batches:- 

  1. Umesh Sharma (1980) 
  2. Atul Gupta (1981) 
  3. Anil Chopra (1981) 
  4. Rakesh Bhaskar (1981) 
  5. Devendra Singh (1984) 
  6. Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984) 
  7. Rajeev Kumar Singh (1984) 
  8. Anil Kumar Jha (1984) 
  9. Gunjan Verma (1988) 
  10. Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988) 
  11. Sunil Kumar (2000)

Most active outstation Baraunians who provided various kinds of ideas, support, and facilities:-

  1. Rajesh Chandra Prasad (1984) 
  2. Rajeev Ranjan Dwivedi (1984) 
  3. Bimal Kumar (1984) 
  4. P K Palit (1984) 
  5. Subodh Kumar Bhatta (1985) 

Most enthusiastic Baraunians who supported the entire idea but could not participate due to various reasons:-

  1. Sajji Thomas (1980)
  2. R. Satyan (1984)
  3. Prashant Gupta (1981)
  4. Capt Ashish Roy (2000) 
  5. and many others who are seen on the group mails. 
HAPPENINGS W.E.F 25/12/09:- 

Sh SPN Sinha Sir, Manju Sinha Madam were first to reach at Ginger where rooms were booked for them. They were there at around 8.30AM. Since the check-in time is 12.00PM,  thus there was some inconvenience. Sunil Kumar (2000) was deputed at Ginger to manage all this but by that time was in his way to Ginger Hotel. Sh RK Tiwary Sir with Madam Kalyani Tiwary landed up at around 11AM. By that time Sunil Kumar (2000) was able to manage the rooms and all were shifted. Sh Manoj Kumar Srivastava (1981) had also checked in by 12 PM with his family. Once inside the room, all felt the comfort and more and more Baraunians started pouring in. 

As planned the entire expense of the journey, fooding and lodging for teachers was to be borne by the committee. Some teachers opted to go outside and eat, so that we are not overburdened by the expensive food of Ginger. But we were able to convince them about the flow of contributions (You can imagine their feeling and attachment to us). 

By the afternoon several Baraunians from Delhi NCR rushed to Ginger and interacted with the teachers who had checked in by that time. Several outstation Baraunians had also checked in by the evening of 25/12/09 and there was lot of activity going on at Ginger. 

Event Management team was on duty during the entire night of 25/12/09 fixing the photographs, backdrops, standees, banners as per plan. (The result a well decorated thematic venue ready by the morning of 26/12/09). 


The schedule time of reporting was upto 2.00PM at the venue and several Baraunians were there by 12.00PM! 

The entire logistics containing the mementos, etc was to be carried to the venue. The calendars were still with the printers as it was given to him only on 24/12/09 as the idea came to our mind very late. The steel logo which was to be formally released was also still with the vendor as it was ordered to him on 24/12/09 and it takes at least three days in preparation. The base for the best Baraunians 2009 trophy was still with the carpenter as it was a very late idea of fixing a steel plate engraved with the details. 

Rest All other items were ready, Umesh Sharma (1980) who was looking up all this waited upto 1.00PM for the said items but there was further delay hence he was requested to rush to the venue through frantic calls from DS and Rajeev. He had no option other than to depute his office staff to collect the said items and rush to venue afterwards. 

Most enthusiastic Baraunians reported well on time, enjoyed the open space at the venue with bright sunlight with unparallel warmth. अरे  ***** तुम  कहाँ  था ? The Videographer, Photographers covering the moments have given us the feedback that they were amazed to cover such moments and became themselves nostalgic. As expected outstation Baraunians were very much on time, most of the Delhi-NCR Baraunians were late, some very late, remaining very very late... Start delayed by around 55 minutes due to all this and there was some mismanagement as usual at that juncture however everything started flowing smoothly once the MGT-2009 started at around 3.00PM. 

IDENTIFICATION OF CLASSMATES:- We had arranged big size of the class photographs available with us and the same were placed at a desk at the entrance counter and the Baraunians were requested to identify their batch mates and write down their names so that they could be recorded. Most of the Baraunians enjoyed doing that and helped us in creating a strong data base. Some of them identified their batch mates in one breathe thereby shocking the administrative staff posted by us to write down the names. Experience was amazing!

 Identififation of Baraunians when they were Kids
Photography Point

REGISTRATION:- Commenced at around 3.00 PM although it was scheduled for 2.00PM, there was much rush for first half an hour, Baraunians were seen discussing the columns to be filled and enjoying. The I-Card with a logo of Baraunians & Badge for Baraunians was a hot cake; the kids of Baraunians pleaded the registration staff for more and more such items. As a result we had shortage only after 85 registrations (although we had about 150 I-Cards for original members). Badges are still remaining as they were 350 in number. 

BATCH - PHOTOGRAPHS:- Provision was for individual photograph in the frame created specially at the venue followed by family photographs, most of the Baraunians were duly recorded. Some who missed the photo session subsequently joined. We were able to click some excellent, live photographs on the set up with excellent backdrops. An excellent reunion of those who had never thought to be clicked with their batchmates ever again. 

SNACKS & COLD DRINKS:- It was outside procurement by the committee and was estimated as per the registration, it became a pea nut. The entire material was consumed within no time and the steward carrying the same was relieved of all his contents right at the service gate of the hall. Reinforcement through local purchase also met the same fate. No complaints from any corner. 


Inagural Speech by Umesh Sharma

Formal inaugural address by Umesh Sharma and as per the tradition Felicitation of teachers who had traveled hundreds of kilometers on our requests in chilling cold. The start was very emotional as well as very traditional. We had planned the recital of some selected Dohas of Kabirdas praising teachers. K Ramani had agreed to recite the same. She could not reach the venue at time as she got diverted to some other route. Vibha Chaudhary (Tailang) (1983) who is a journalist and a poetess recited the Dohas most efficiently. 

Lighting of Lamp by Teachers
Teachers on Stage

Formal Inauguration of ceremony by lighting of lamp by teachers - followed by blasts!!! 

Introduction of all the Baraunians by calling them individually on stage - 100% participation of all, good photographs with excellent backdrop taken. All Baraunians enjoyed the introduction part, as nicknames, salient features of the Baraunians were tossed by the audience which added much colour to the already colourful event. Some of the explicits heard: जीवड, भुट्टा, थर्मल  नरेश etc. 

CCA- Nidhi Sharma was being haunted for more and more entries by children - excellent performances by some brilliant Baraunians-kids. Sunil Kumar (2000) performed an excellent mono act.

Cultural Program
Cultural Program

Release of the Logo of Baraunians - a massive newly designed Baraunian Logo itched and painted on steel sheet handed over to Sh AK Singh, present teacher to take it to KV HFC and the school authorities have been requested to mount the said logo on a prominent wall of the school. This will formally and officially link the Baraunians from the school again. It was a simple and straight ceremony but will have everlasting effect on us and our generations of Baraunians.

Baraunians Logo Release


As per plan every Baraunians during their introduction at stage was to be handed over memento, one Calendar with batch photographs since 1977. We organizers missed to handover the memento in the first round when individual Baraunians were called on stage for introduction. Since time was running short in the eventful evening the handing over of mementos was made a fast track affair. DS called all the Baraunians as per the sequence of their registration and it was handed over to them quickly. 

ADDRESS BY TEACHEERS:- During our planning meets we had decided that we will request one of the teachers amongst all to speak on behalf of all the teachers present. All the teachers initially agreed to it, at the peak of the hour, they all started pressing that they all wanted to speak. They committed to be very brief but Satyapriya Sir, took more than 20 minutes in the start itself as a result other teachers could not elaborate. All teachers were called on stage, lots of group photographs of teachers clicked - a rare congregation of teachers - very emotional moments. We have excellent photographs of the teachers on the stage with the backdrop of stage. The feedback of teachers was excellent - some of them said “मेरा जीवन सफल हो गया, मैंने कभी ये नहीं सोचा था”. We can imagine their feelings. We too were moved during this event. 

DISTRIBUTION OF GIFTS FOR CHILDREN:- When the process began, children were so excited that there was a rush near the stage, we made them stand in a queue which they obediently did. Subsequently their excitement was beyond bounds. It was a super hit idea of DS who had insisted for the same during the planning meet. The items were purchased after lot of discussions / justifications on each and every item.

Gifts distribution to Kids
Lucky Draw Ist Prize - Deepika (1981)
Lucky Draw IInd Prize - Vivekanand Singh (1984)
Lucky Draw IIIrd Prize - Om Prakash Chauhan (1981)

LUKCY BARAUNIAN DRAW:- We had three chests studded with semi-precious stones with same design, but different sizes, the same were filled with toffees . All the Baraunians were given the slips of lucky draw bearing their registration number and were asked to put the said slips in Mutka specially procured for Lucky draw. There was much excitement. Some children were called to take out three slips. Children were so excited that they rushed at stage in this melee. Three lucky Baruaunians got the prize. It was very exciting and participating. We organizers forgot to note down the names of the winners in this excitement, Sunil Kumar (2000) who announced the prizes also forgot to note down the names and retain the slips - please help us in identifying them. 

BEST BARAUNIAN AWARD 2009 - Initially it was conceived as the Lucky Baraunians 2009 award but some of the members of organizing committee were of the personal view that special mention be given to DS. We secretly agreed to bestow the said award to DS without much of discussion. When DS came to know about the change of Lucky Baraunians Award to Best Baraunians 2009, he started questioning the change in his own style- What will be criterion? Who will judge? How we will determine? We misled and diverted him that a panel will be prepared on the venue who will take decision on the venue through its own means and do all the needful. He was a bit uncomfortable with the idea but we asked him to look to other aspects and leave this to us. It seems that during the last leg he was a bit suspicious but due to his over involvement in the events he could not find time to make further enquiries on the issue. On the day of event when we met most of the participants every body was asking how to recognize the role of DS, some of them were secretly told about the plan, every body agreed with enthusiasm. There was no second name suggested by any body hence it was confirmed. The announcement was quick and without much formality, as no second opinion on the name of DS - his contribution is still partially acknowledged. PK Palit further felicitated him with a shawl. He was named as the “SUTRADHAR”.

Surprise Best Baraunian Award
Felicitation of DS by presentation of Shawl
Best Baraunian 2009 Trophy
Thanks Note by DS

VOTE OF THANKS:- Vote of thanks was delivered by DS, he described and narrated the entire sequence of the events that led to the creating of the website and the subsequent get together in July 2009 and the present MGT-2009. It was a bit lengthy but descriptive - very informative about the beginning of the era - after all he is deeply engrossed in creating the platform where we are now. 

DINNER:- Arrangement was for a three course dinner but most of the Baraunians jumped the first course of hot soups etc. They straight away jumped to the main course on the buffet table mixing their food with emotions with other Baraunians. Food was very good with a very wide menu but it seems that most of Baraunians were more concerned about sharing a plate with their batchmates and their attention was on participation.


The Start of dinner was truly likely a Five Star but immediately after the closing of the events in the main hall there was a rush. One interesting fact is that we had registration of around 90 people; our booking was for confirmed 125-150 dinners. Since the Delhi NCR Baraunians who landed up at the venue in typical Baraunians style, the number swelled, to our disbelief the final figure was above 260. 

DJ & CHILDRENS SLIDE:- Super Super hit items conceived by the organizers. The activities going on there cannot be described in words. It was a Bash!

Dance with DJ

Slide for Kids

COCKTAIL:- Arrangement in the VIP Lounge of the hotel which was a special concession made to us by the hotel management. Our Chairman (We have designated him) with a committee of “SPIRITED BARAUNIANS” was seen in action - ओए ***** ##### ****** इधर आ बैठ यहाँ. No video recording available, you can guess or join the committee next time to feel the action. 

SEEING OFF TEACHERS:- Most of the Baraunians had left as per their convenience . Since all the teachers were staying at Ginger Hotel hence they were to be escorted to that place in one go. The assignment was for Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988). He had arranged for cabs in a row and teachers were escorted in them by all present. Most of the Baraunians present to see off teachers filled with tears in their eyes - (PK Palit was seen crying in the laps of Madam P Jha). The coordination of movement was excellent, 100 out of 100 to Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988)!

P Jha and P K Palit Crying

FINAL CLOSING - DS with his family, Sunil Kumar (2000) and Umesh Sharma (1980) cleared all the dues, charges etc collecting all the remaining logistics. Had a cup of tea at around 1.30 AM (27/12/09) at restaurant and left with the feeling as if everything had happened in few minutes only. 

We again collected at Ginger Hotel in the morning as most of the teachers were moving from that place. Most of the Baraunians also moved from that place with lots of discussions, cup of teas and sharing of events. One can imagine the warmth, feeling. 

The Logo released during the MGT was later received at the KV HFC Barauni with much fanfare and was installed at a prominent place in the School Building.


  1. Sh R N R Bhatt 
  2. Sh Satya Priya 
  3. Sh S K C Pandey 
  4. Smt Manju Sinha
  5. Sh S P N Sinha
  6. Smt Putul Jha 
  7. Sh Dhananjay Jha 
  8. Smt Sita Kumari 
  9. Sh R K Tiwary 
  10. Smt Kalyani Tiwary 
  11. Sh MP Singh 
  12. Sh AK Singh
List of Members who contributed but could not participate: 

  1. Saji Thomas (1980) 
  2. Prashant Gupta (1983) 
  3. Prashant Kumar Sinha (1983) 
  4. Ambareesh Singh (1983)
  5. Anil Kumar Jha (1984) 
  6. Dharmendra N Chaudhary (1984) 
  7. Kailash Yadav (1984) 
  8. Pradeep Kumar Mishra (1984) 
  9. Raj Kamal (1984) 
  10. Sarit Ghosh (1984) 
  11. Sarmishtha Saha (Das) (1984) 
  12. Amitabha Singh (1985) 
  13. Prasenjit Deb (1985) 
  14. Dhirendra Singh (1989) 
  15. Rajiv Kumar (1989) 
  16. Vijay Anand (1990) 
  17. Rajeev Kumar (1991) 
  18. Abu Rashid (1992) 
  19. Ashish Roy (2000) 
List of Members who participated: 

  1. Vivek Jha (1978) 
  2. Neeraj Jain (1980) 
  3. Rajani Bhargava (Sharma) (1980) 
  4. Sunil Bhardwaj (Lala) (1980) 
  5. Umesh Sharma (1980) 
  6. Akhil Agarwal (1980) 
  7. Akhilesh Kumar Thakur (1981) 
  8. Anil Chopra (1981) 
  9. Atul Gupta (1981) 
  10. Deepika Kumar (1981) 
  11. Dr Renu Malhotra (Bali) (1981) 
  12. Keshav Kumar (1981) 
  13. Manoj Kumar Srivastava (1981) 
  14. Om Prakash Chawhan (1981) 
  15. Rajiv Singh (1981) 
  16. Rakesh Bhaskar (1981) 
  17. Ranjana Gupta (1981) 
  18. Saifi Hashmi (1981) 
  19. Shabana Hashmi (1981) 
  20. Vineet khanna (Birla) (1981) 
  21. Anjana Chaudhary (Jha) (1982) 
  22. Awadhesh Singh (1982) 
  23. Rajib Ranjan (1982) 
  24. Sanjay Krishna (1982) 
  25. Sujit Narain (1982) 
  26. Ajay Suri (1983) 
  27. Alok Mall (1983) 
  28. Bharti Singh (1983) 
  29. K Ramani Mohan (1983) 
  30. Neelam Kalia (Sharma) (1983) 
  31. Poonam Sharma (1983) 
  32. Rajiv Ranjan (1983) 
  33. Rohit Bhasker (1983) 
  34. Vibha Chaudhary (Tailang) (1983) 
  35. Amita Seth (Suri) (1984) 
  36. Anil Kumar (1984) 
  37. Bimal Kumar (1984) 
  38. Chandra Bhushan (1984) 
  39. Devendra Singh (1984) 
  40. Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984) 
  41. Prasenjit K Palit (1984) 
  42. Prem Chand Rai (1984) 
  43. Rajeev Kumar Singh (1984) 
  44. Rajesh Chandra Prasad (1984) 
  45. Rajiv Ranjan (1984) 
  46. Sandeep Pathania (1984) 
  47. Sharda Prasad (1984) 
  48. Umesh Singh (1984) 
  49. Vivekanand Singh (1984) 
  50. Ajay Kumar (1985) 
  51. Pramod Chandra Thakur (1985) 
  52. Raman Garkhel (1985) 
  53. Ranjit Srivastava (1985) 
  54. Subodh Kumar (1985) 
  55. Vandana Bhardwaj (Shukla) (1985) 
  56. Bipin Kumar Singh (1986) 
  57. Manoj Kumar Thakur (1986) 
  58. Sangeeta Prasad (1986) 
  59. Shiv Jyoti Sharma (1986) 
  60. Surendra Singh (1986) 
  61. Avinash Sinha (1987) 
  62. Ajit Kumar Pandey (1988) 
  63. Aman Kumar (1988) 
  64. Amit Malhotra (1988) 
  65. Barun Khan (1988) 
  66. Chandan Kumar (1988) 
  67. Dev Jyoti Sharma (1988) 
  68. Gunjan Verma (1988) 
  69. Jitendra Singh (1988) 
  70. Krishna Murari (1988) 
  71. Nand Bihari Pandey (1988) 
  72. Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988) 
  73. Pranav Kumar Singh (1988) 
  74. Rajneesh Prasad (1988) 
  75. Roopa Ranjan (1988) 
  76. Sanjay Kumar Singh (1988) 
  77. Vijay Shankar Jha (1988) 
  78. Vinod Kumar Singh (1988) 
  79. Anuradha Dhingra (Sharma) (1989) 
  80. Neeraj Singh (1989) 
  81. Ranjan Garkhel (1989) 
  82. Abhay Kumar (1990) 
  83. Hare Krishna Tripathy (1990) 
  84. Shashi Bala Prasad (1990) 
  85. Chand Kumar (1991) 
  86. Rajeev Kumar (1991) 
  87. S Md Shakir Ali (1991) 
  88. Sambhuti Kumar Mishra (1991) 
  89. Subhash Kumar (1991) 
  90. Abinash Kumar Singh (1992) 
  91. Sanjay Kumar (1992) 
  92. Ashish Kumar (1993) 
  93. Manoj Kumar Singh (1993) 
  94. Mukul kr Sandilya (1993) 
  95. Ramnish Mohan Sinha (1993) 
  96. Lakshman (1994) 
  97. Manmohan Krishna Tripathi (1994) 
  98. Nilima Sinha (1994) 
  99. Prabhanjan Verma (1994) 
  100. Pushpanjali Shandilya (1994) 
  101. Shyam Raj (1994) 
  102. Thomas Gregory (1994) 
  103. Sunil Kumar (2000) 
  104. Piyush Bhardwaj (Batch unknown) 
Be Baraunian Forever !