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Dr. Anandi Shanker Singh

PGT (English)

Kendriya Vidyalaya

HFC Barauni




          I feel highly indebted to Shri Bimal Kumar, an alumna of K.V. HFC Barauni for giving me this opportunity to pen a few words in the form of a “Message” for all my students whom I might have taught at one stage or another during my stay in this Vidyalaya. I am equally thankful to all the former students of this Vidyalaya for having invited me to attend their maiden “Mega-Get-Together” which they are going to have on 26th of December’2009. It is a coincidence that as on date I am working in the same Vidyalaya and am due to retire in February next year. When I summon up the sweet memories of the days gone by, I find that there is joy and only joy, and nothing else. There is joy of creation. I have done my little bit in helping in the development of something of God’s creation. He creates and we design and fulfill his dream of a greater goal, of brighter possibilities. Though perfection never comes, it keeps me luring and teaches me to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.


          Before I conclude, I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to each one of you for having embarked upon this novel venture of bringing the former students of this Vidyalaya on one platform and thereby fostering the spirit of togetherness. I send my well wishes on this momentous occasion and wish you all a grand success. I also wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. While bidding good bye to you, I feel tempted to quote this often quoted Hindi couplet:


mtkys viuh ;knksa ds gekjs lkFk jgus nks

    u tkus fdlh xyh esa ftUnxh dh 'kke gks tk,


Shri Bimal Kumar




                                                                           (Anandi Shanker Singh)

                                                                                   PGT (English)

                                                                                 K.V. HFC Barauni

Date: 22/12/2009

Message from Sarmistha Saha (Das) (1984)

Dear Teachers, 

I feel myself fortunate enough for being in touch with you after a long gap but I confess from the depth of my heart that I always hold you in high esteem. I reminisce the glorious moments of K V H F C & still crave to be there under your aegis. I take pride in myself in admitting to my students that I used to be my teacher’s pet in my own school days. Teachers, I owe you all gratitude, respect & thanks however sometimes thankyou becomes too much of an inadequate word. Whatever I’m today it’s only for you who have lighted the lamp of knowledge in me. 

Sarmishtha Das. 

Hellow childhood buddies batch mates & Baraunians, 

It’s my extreme pleasure for having the opportunity to address and contact you after a long gap of twenty five years. Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year ahead. I’m getting nostalgic on being in my journey down the memory lane. However I could not make it to the MGT this time for some reason. I deeply regret for not being able to join the MGT this time. Hope not to miss it the next time for which I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I miss you all. It is really commendable & admiring job on the part of DS and his team members who have taken enormous toil & hardship to bring all Baraunians (long parted souls) closed together. I am filled with appreciation for all you did. 

With love and best wishes. 

24th December 2009

Message from Ashish Kumar Roy (2000)

Capt Ashish Kumar Roy
POST BOX- 5368

02 DEC 2009

Dear Devendra Sir,

Hope this letter finds you and your family in best spirits. First and foremost please accept my heartiest gratitude for this novel and commendable venture of yours, i.e. starting this group of our school. Within this short period of time, it has proven to be a great forum of interaction and am sure it will soon touch dizzying heights of excellence just as our beloved school and its alumni have always done. I understand that it would have been a great experience to have attended the Mega Get Together but alas the peculiarities of my work do not allow me to do so. I shall look forward to meeting you all in future when I revert back to India on completion of my deputation in Nov 2010. I also hope that this meet becomes a part of our tradition and will hope to attend the same in subsequent editions.

Please let me know in case of anything else from my side. I also take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for all your endeavors. Please also convey my Best Wishes to everyone in the Mega Get Together. Even if I am not there physically I shall always be with the spirit of Baraunians.

Yours Sincerely


Capt Ashish Kumar Roy (Batch-2000)

Message by Sanjay Kapri (1983-A)

Dear baraunians,

At the outset, I would like to like to apologies for not making it this time. Further, I congratulate all the baraunians those who are in the managing committee for providing a platform to all of us where we can go down the memory lane together and remind each other about our golden days. Koi laota de mere bite hue din. Mega meet in fact should be renamed to Yo Lamhe. I consider myself to be among those lucky ones, who had the previlege of enjoying the ambience of a drawing room while studying; remeber type IV. The hustle and bustle of the famous zero mile adding spice to our life but not affecting our security and safety in anyway. Courtsey the boundarywall. I recollect going to sanjay srivastavas house during the break and enjoying the coldwater during summers. His lambretta is still there in my harddisk.

How can any Refinery guy forget the war before and after the school to acquire the window seat kingdom which used to give the glimpses of villages around? How can we forget the love and hate stories among the classmates? If you are really down the memory lane how can the curtains which is now full of dust remain over the pseudo infatuations, legpullings, the kanchamatees etc. There are unlimited memories to laugh at or to cryupon, but whatever it is, it only makes your eyes wet and heart heavy.

I owe my life to Sir A N Singh, Principal, who was the force behind my reformation. His motivational talks and man management techniques cannot be written in words, it can only be felt by the beneficiaries. I am, without any doubt, one of them. Sir, we all baraunians still miss your valuable guidance. We all need you the way a newly born baby needs the mother. You are our mentor. If rebirth is a reality than we would want you as our mentor again to achieve a higher altitude in our next birth to make your dreams come together.

I, alongwith my mywife and daughter wish a grand success to this meet. love you all.

Sanjay Kapri (1983 A)

Message by Satyan Rajamani (1984)

Dear Baraunians,

“I am so fortunate and feel proud of KV Baraunians that we have discovered our lost Baraunian Dynasity” after 25 years. I AM DELIGHTED TO MEET YOU ALL ON WEBCAST.

I would like to say special thanks to Devendraji taking initiative in creating a Website and working with other committee members, Needhiji, Umeshji Atulji Rakeshji Baskar, Anilji Chopra, Rajeev Singh, Rajesh Prasad, Ajay Suri, sharing his valuable time in organising such a beautiful event. For me this is not only bringing back barauni days sweet memories, I am so pleased to see I found my lost Baraunian.

I congratulate and thanks to managing committee and everyone who participated with TAN - MAAN - DHAN to providing a platform to all of us where we are able to connect together and remind each other about our golden days. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones, who had the previlege of enjoying the Quality Life of Barauni Township.

I owe my life to our school teachers- guruji, Late Sir A N Singh Late BB Tiwari, Sir R K Tiwari, Sir Panday, Sir Bhutt, P JHA Madam, Sir Nayar, Their Inspirational speech and Human Relation values and respect teqhniques, can’t be expressed in words. I wish we get such mentor for our children. On behalf of my family, I wish a grand success to this meet. Love you all. 

Today we all gathered here after 25-years, to catch up our life with each other, where we left behind. It is AWESOME, indeed, to consider that it’s now 25 years — since my school Graduation Day. We still have same respect. Love. Affection respect and values for each other.

No doubt that we had one of the best school age. Apart from our course curriculum or subject. Our teachers taught us more about morale value and respect in life which is most important things in today’s world.

As we look back tonight and remember the brief but wonderful time we spent together at KV Barauni HFC..

Dear friends this is just a beginning since we have amazing website, which will keep us together.

Today we have become a “Baraunian Hum Log”.

I always had fun at school I was quite active in extra curricular activity because more free time to get away from class room environment.

English poverb

“Spare the rod… spoil the child”

I hardly remember anyone spared me…at school and home front.

I used get nice bitting from my parents because I was loosing school bags and the following day Maths teacher punish me for not doing my maths home work. I was innocent but helpless

I still Remember I was in 9th grade, Sir Rk Tiwary asked me to draw a Australia Map and point out the Australian Cities - Perth and Sydney

I drew the map which looked like Srilanka map, but On the MAP. I shown Perth as Sydney and Sydney as Perth. Now I no need to tell you why I am in Sydney. I really loved Geography.

East and West Barauni was the Best

Where ever today we are, It is because of Baraunian Spirit. I hope ….this Spirit pass on to our next generation with love affection and respect.

Our Barauni Days ... 

Upon reflection, it becomes both crystal clear and virtually indisputable that we were privileged and fortunate, indeed, to be precisely the right age at precisely the the right time — the best time in our school age — to be in high school in Barauni.!!

Generally reunions are all about remembering past but we are different ,today, It feels like, we are bringing Baraunian family together from all over the world, and what spectacular memories we as a Baraunian have to share — and to bond us together once again tonight. We hope to keep Baraunian spirit alive forever.

I strongy believe and recommend the committee to have Reunion as annual event. In fact, this is absolute favorite thing to do. We had good childhood days and let us plan for future Baraunian Retiement Village, where we live together almost every day — refresh our memories, sharing such sentiments." 

I ask all of you to please take a moment raise your glasses or bottle or find anything from next person and sing with me :

‘Bharat Ka Swarnim Gaurve KV layaga

We shall over come …..

Once Thank you ALL

Wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year 2010

Satyan Rajamani 1984

Message by Prashant Kumar Sinha (1983)

Dated-25th Dec-09/JAMNAGAR

Respected Teachers and Dear Fellow “KVians”,

“Merry Christmas and Wish You All a Very Healthy, Prosperous and Happy 2010 in advance”.

Due to personal and professional compulsions, I could not come to attend golden occasion; I wish grand success for Mega Meet.

In Apri-08, I visited our batch mate, Maj. Ambareesh Singh at his Mumbai residence, and met his father Late Sh. A.N.Singh, School Principal during our days. During discussion he wished, that we must have one “Web-Site” of our school, exactly what it is today. It is   very painful, that he is no more today, to bless/grace the occasion.

While walking down the memory lane, many “flashbacks” of School/Barauni days are coming to my mind. During class –III (of 1983A Batch), our respected Late CHATURVEDI Sir, told us story of Lord Rama(Ram Charit Manas) daily in one period for one month, and whole class used to listen and enjoy with pin drop silence; Really “NOTHING BUT MEMORIES REMAINS”.

1stBatch of our school (Last Hr Sec Batch of CBSE) passed out in 1977, and some of them must in their late forties, age where one has different priorities of life. Despite of these priorities and compulsions, the overwhelming response, in site and for Mega Meet is indubitably exhilarating.

Special thanks to DS and all other members of ogranising committee, with hope such meet will be there in future also, my heartiest regards and wishes to you all.




BATCH-1983 A