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Submitted by Sunil Kumar (2000) - 27-Dec-2009 21:32

Wonderful time at Zinger and Centaur Hotel for the occasion of MGT 2009

It was really amazing and wonderful time in "Zinger" and "Centaur" Hotel, Delhi on the occasion of "First MGT for KV, HFC, Barauni Alumni Students." I was at Zinger hotel last three days but ye kaise bita mujhe to bilkul pata hi nahi chala, esa lagta hai abhi to sirf 3 hrs hi sayad hua hai. It was a nostaligic movement for me, I got my "Bachapan" again. Wo masti, wo alahadpan, wo bindas life, wo school campus, wo teachers, wo KV, HFC Baraunians Students, wo school ka Stage, wo pledge/prayer, wo cluster/ regional/ Zonal/ National/ SGFI Game, wo Annual Sports and function, wo township, wo........etc ; sabkuchh "Aakho or esa bolu ki ussi zindagi ko jine laga tha. 

Centaur Hotel me to esa laga ki, ham log "Vinod Kendra or "Club" me apne School ka hi koi function kar rahe hain !! Sabse jaida touching movement to uss time laga jab - P. Jha Mam and Kalyani Mam Gala bhi mil rahi thi aaur mujhe bol bhi rahi thi:- "Sunil, "Tum mujhe itna kyu rahe ho 'Beta'.... par sachh kahati hun iss rone me jo mujhe 'Anand" aa raha hai ki......aaur phir unko koi sabd hi nahi mila bas wo 'Aakho se Aansu'.....!! 

Aaj ke liy itna hi......ab main bhi....sentimental......

My hearty "Thanks" to all those KV,HFC Students who took part in this MGT by physically and indirectly !!
My special "Thanks" to my all teachers who came in MGT due to this I felt that Bindas and Dil se kaam karne ka becoz agar "Galti se kahin Mistake" ho bhi gaya to mere "Gurujan" to abhi hain hi "Murga" banane ke liye, he...he...he....he !!

Sunil Kumar (2000)

Submitted by Keshav Kumar (1981) - 28-Dec-2009 12:31

Accept my heartiest congratulations to the entire team managing the MGT-2009. I am at loss of words to explain the feelings that I experienced in the MGT-2009. With tears in the eyes I left the venue and hoped to meet my schoolmates again and again. 

Keshav Kumar (1981)

Submitted by Shyam Raj (1994) - 28-Dec-2009 14:59

Its really an unforgettable moment you senious have gifted us on the dusk of 2009. believe me, i did not sleep & let my family sleep for the night after attending to the MGT-2009 & kept on getting senti by recalling/flashbacking the days of barauni, faces of all bhaiyas,colleagues,teachers, pals of my father,friends of my mother,type fourias even bihatias etc etc....

Hug of each one is still in my mind & i cant forget this forever.

Am eager to see videos/photos now on this site,pls let us know once available, so that i can join my guardians/brothers/sisters who could not make it to attend due to some unavoidable reasons & wish to see all there.

wish to share few comments given to me :-

1.Areee rajua Kitna Badmas tha re tu-baap re baap--P.K.Plit Bhaiya
2.Fertilizer Hug from Prabhanjan/Manmohan/Thomas/Laxman
3.Hug from Ranjan Bhaiya-Alianca Logistics,New delhi
4.Everlasting loudly Laugh of Nilima,my batch recalling the school days.
5.Meeting all senior teachers with same fear of getting scolded if something wrong......

Believe me we got more than what Bindu dara singh but cried something same like him.....

I admire you once again & need your blessings in life ahead.

Thanks & regars.

Shyam Raj
Batch Year 1994.

Submitted by Mukul Sandilya (1993) - 29-Dec-2009 18:03

First of all i thanx! to all the active member who all manage such event. Its very easy to pay money and fillup few forms.
Kitna time or energy laga hoga se soch ker...he thakaan ho jata hai.Hame affsos hai ki Ginger hotel me jab DS aaye the to hamne unko 'MAALIS' ku nahi kiya, sorry DS. 
27th morning was full of uthal puthal in our mind ki kal jo hua wa sapna to nahi tha..dimaag ka dahi ban gaya tha, 20 saal piche memory le jana or phir 2009 ke MGT me wapas lana itna aashan nahi hota hai.
kuch loag MGT me nahi aa ker ye samajh rahe hain ki ku faltu ka 1500 barbaad kare ? wo kya save kiye, ye to unko pata hai magar wo kya loose kiye ye ham sab ko pata hai.

Aambani bahoot paise wala hai magar jo life hamlog HFC me bitaye hain aapne parents ke badaulat waisa life shayad wo v aapne bachoo ko nahi de payega,or maje ki baat ye hai ki ye baat Aambani ko v khud maloom nahi hai,haaaaa.. ye to ham loag he jaante hai ki Aambani ne kya loose kar diya.

So those who didnt attend this MGT(Jaanbujh ker),they r the loosers..and they dont know that haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Submitted by Ashish Kumar Roy (2000) - 30-Dec-2009 12:32

1. I have been reading all these mails about the experiences of the lovely evening on 26th Oct 2009. Indeed no words can explain how much it would have meant to everyone who attended. I still can recollect the emotions I could notice in the voices of my teachers when I spoke to them on phone (thank you Sunil (2000) for giving me that golden opportunity), and only I know how happy I was when I noticed that they still remembered me after 9 years of almost no contact. 

2. This indeed must have left an indellible mark in the memory of everyone who atteneded it, it will take days to perhaps get back to normal routine. But as people like us who were not there the pain will stay on always or atleast till the time we make good the loss. I and am sure others also sincerely hope that we have this kind of get-together every year. May I hence request all members that we start of with ideas and proposals as soon as possible may be immediately if you all agree. I know it may sound far fetched and little too taxing to plan for next get-together immediately after the first one is over but may be the enthusiasm of being lucky may be next time is almost killing me.

3. At the end, but most importantly a big THANX to all the volunteers of the organising commitee....... I found some them being applogetic for certain minor glitches, I just wannna add, "Girte hain Shehsawar Hi Maidan-e-Jung Mein, Wo Tufl Kya Giren Jo Ghutno Ke Bal Chale". Its you who proposed the idea gave it a form and executed it as well. Today we all are heavilty indebted to you... May the spirit goes stronger and stronger............

Capt Ashish (2000)

Submitted by Rajiv Ranjan (1984) - 30-Dec-2009 15:32

"न जी भर के देखा न कुछ बात की ,बड़ी आरजू थी मुलाकात की" कुछ ऐसे ही express कर सकूँगा उस Feeling को, ६ ७ घंटे का वक्त जैसे पंख लगा कर उड़ गया & हम है की बस डूब ही न सके. कुछ हालत एसी थी जैसे युगों के भूके के सामने व्यंजन की थाली रख दो तो वो खा कहा पता है, बस टुकुर-टुकुर देखता है, खाने की हसरत लिए. 
युगों का प्यासा बस प्यासा ही रह गया. वो ६ घंटे जीवन के सबसे हसीं पल, लगा बचपन जी उठा पर मेरी हालत (I Feel sabki ) ऐसी थी, जी चाहता था की सब समेट लू आखो में पर आखे ख्वाब की हकीकत पर यकीं न कर पाने के कारन पथरा गई थी , उन पलो की खुशबु को सांसो मई भर लेना चाहता था पर सांसे थी की अटकी पड़ी थी . ढेर सारी planning थी की ये करूँगा ,वो करूँगा ,उससे ऐसे मिलूँगा पर कहाँ -----मेरे ख्वाब का खजाना सामने था और मै था की बस --जुबान चुप ,दिमाग सुन्न , गला भरा हुआ ,आंखे नम ,धरकन बेकाबू . लौटा तो जैसे सब पi कर भी खiली था, दिल छुट गया था baraunians ke पास . कहते है की बिता वक़्त लौटता नहीं , हम बड़े हो गए ,maturity आ गई है पर उन ६ घंटे मै तो वही पुराना स्कूल ड्रेस वाला बचा - जो कुछ न केर पाने की बेबसी मै रो पड़ता था , लौटते वक़्त न जाने कितनी बार आंखे भर आई ,दिल ने कहा ---लौट चल ,कुछ देर और जी ले उन लम्हों को , umesh sir ,DS Nidhi,sunil, pankaj-----बीते वक़्त को लौटने वाले को खुदा ही कहते है न ,और दिल को वश मै करने वाले को क्या कहते है --------------????????



Submitted by Vinod Kumar Singh (1988) - 03-Jan-2010 22:22

Namaste Baraunians, 

On arrival at hotel Ginger, I saw many people loitering around the reception counter. I, too went to the counter and asked about the accommodation status, suddenly my eyes intercepted one face in the crowd and I was dragged in flash back……. And remembered the sweet voice “ Plants prepare their food with the help of Photosynthesis….. ye ladka, udhar kya dekh raha hai, bolo …Mitochondria kya hota hai.” 

Yes, got it! She was Manju Madam, our Biology teacher. Now, I got the clear picture and…. who was sitting beside her… aare yar, ye to SPN Sinha sir hain.I touched their feet and introduced myself, my wife and my son. I was quite sure they would not recognize me as neither I was a bright student nor front benchers, so I tried to explain by adding some adjectives like -I was in the same class in which their son Sanjay Sinha and Rajneesh Prasad studied. Manju madam replied that she recognized me and after having little effort, sir also acknowledged me specially when I told what he used to say –“ Sahi aur spast pronunciation karna ho to subah-subah lal mirchi jibh par ragada karo”. Once I had tried also but I lost my voice for a couple of hours and consumed a lot of sugar with 10 litres of water. 

Ultimately the most awaited and desirous day arrived for which Bimal Bhaiya and Pranav have been insisting me to join. It was MGT on 26th Dec 2009. I was very enthusiastic as if I was attending an Oscar Award function. However, still I think it was not less than any award function as every Baraunian was awarded with the blessings of our beloved teachers and rarest meeting with schoolmates which we had lost in the race of life. Ample curiosity persisted on each face attending the MGT’09.Every moment people were crying widening their eyes and exclaiming to find their lost bachmates, juniors or seniors. Some were easily recognizable some were changed a lot and have to introduced themselves with some memorable events. I could easily notice the facial expressions of my schoolmates who too were excited and uttered exclamations as I encountered them, some seniors asked me “you are Bimal’s younger brother na? saw your photo on net”. I was also trying my best to recognize each person.It was like viewing an old dusty album. You turn one page, see a faint picture, wipe the dust and gradually a familiar face emerges; and you exclaim – “aare ye to ….hai, how much you have changed” and you could not resist yourself from embracing each other. It happened quite naturally with impulsive reactions. People were showing their affection in various ways, some were embracing; some were touching feet whereas some were shaking hands. People, not only from each corner of the country but from abroad too, have come to attend the MGT’09 and to make it a grand success. The dreams of the organizing team turned to a reality with grand success as the number of families attending the MGT’09 exceeded the century mark. 

I remember the school guys (myself being one of them) who used to attend school in shorts (half pants), rarely tucked white shirts that often turned off-white from Monday itself, kicking each stone lying on the road by the shoes while returning back from school but now…. Everybody was well dressed accompanied by a beautiful lady along with smart kids. Yes “RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN” All due to the school KVHFC Barauni and our beloved teachers. Many students are in good services and have achieved good posts, some are entrepreneurs and have done nice jobs that actually glorifies the name of the school. 

All of us have noticed the highly emotional madam. Yes, P.Jha Madam, I don’t know whether she recognized me or not but she hugged everybody and burst into tears as if she was meeting her sons after a lapse of 20 years. Every teacher was grateful and reciprocated with double enthusiasm whenever a student met him/her. Each teacher blessed the students from the inner heart, it was very difficult to stop the tears that led to a rare experience of “Khushi ke aansu”. I missed to capture these golden moments in camera, reminding me of Gurukul culture, I request if anybody has got a snap of these moments, please sent me a photo. 

I was surprised to see Pankaj and many more who joined the dance floor without any hesitation. Actually, it inspired me and I couldn’t resist myself to reach the arena. During school days, Pankaj always pretended to be the most serious guy and dancing was not mentioned in his dictionary but he, too swayed on the recent numbers (music). So, not only I danced but also made some persons (seniors as well as juniors) dance. I bet everybody would have enjoyed a lot. 

At last I thank Devinder, Umesh, Rajesh, Bimal, Rajeev, Rajeev Ranjan Bhaiya and Sunil too, for their selfless devotion, continuous endeavour in the form of Tan, Man and Dhan to organize such a wonderful event that will be cherished forever by everybody. I wish the journey which has commenced on 26th Dec’09 will never come to a halt and will continue by adding various colours day by day. 


Submitted by Umesh Sharma (1980) - 05-Jan-2010 19:53

Hi Baraunians, 
I am sharing my experience-feelings about the MGT-2009. I also solicit your views, experience, feelings:- 

Preparatory meetings on 15/11/09 & 13/12/09:- Several enthusiastic Baraunians spared their valuable time to deliberate on various aspects of the MGT. Several permutation and combinations were discussed. During last two days we were bursting with more and more new ideas which were translated into reality. There were lot discussions, telecalls, mails etc on various issues. I sum up the same with following:-“No grand idea was ever born in conference, but a lot of foolish ideas have died there” 

Managing the logistics, gifts, arranging the vendors and various other allied activities:- I had undertaken the job of selecting and procuring the most suitable memento for the meet . I have not received any qualifying comments on the memento which was presented to Baraunians. I solicit comments from Baraunians. My guiding factor was :- 

“ The manner of giving is worth more than the gift”. 

25/12/09:- Coordinating and Overseeing the lodging arrangements at Ginger:-“A Hundred Thousand welcomes, I could weep .And I could laugh, I am light and heavy. Welcome.” 

26/12/09:- Chain of events:- 

i) Bright sunlight and the open space around Centaur:- “A cloudy day , or little sunshine, have as great an influence on many constitutions as the most real blessings or misfortunes” 

ii) Introduction of individual Baraunian on stage:-“One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.” 

iii) Cocktail-“There are five reasons we should drink ;good wine-a -friend- or being dry- or we should be by and by-or any other why.” 

* Chairman-“ I have taken more out of Alcohol than Alcohol has taken out of me” 

1.30AM(26-27/12/09) at Centaur:- Myself with DS and his family members-“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it” 

27-28/12/09 :- Struggling to come out from MGT and resume work:- “Life is one damned thing after another” 

New Year 2010 and the happenings thereafter( Innumerable number of calls , SMS from the Baraunians as well from my side whom I met at MGT) “Fate makes our relatives, choice makes our friends” 

Since I belong 1980 batch fewer of my batchmates are in active interaction so I have now joined the company of several Baraunians of the subsequent batches:-“Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.” 

Note:- Quotations are not mine but only cut and paste deliveries. 

Umesh Sharma(1980)

Submitted by Vibha Tailang (Chaudhary) (1983) - 12-Jan-2010 10:20

It was a nostalgic moment for 300+ in online group but 209 friends(95 were registered for that day but finally 209 reached, many came in the last moment) and their families,who were like a big family in Barauni township and are in KV HFC,Barauni,Bihar....seniors and juniors since 1977 to present came from different part of country and world....(got nice memento and a calender which has a class group photographs printed on it, of many yrs....mine was of class vith). 

Initially I was thinking it may be difficult to recognize everyone as many of them are quite junior and now many of them are looking so different as I saw few photographs in the website....grownup people with put on weight,mustache,bearded,without hair....but still has that old baby time resemblance(including me...who has put on weight now).

Nice and crisp programme,....nicer moment...I felt good when few of my juniours reminded me that I was Sita and they were sakhi in a play or I was a Durga in a sports day jhanki or chemistry sir reminded me that I was a Saraswati in a programme(Saraswati Vandana-good to hear good things, one feel motivated)....they all told me that they remember me at home and discuss us(everyone remember us and my parents and siblings as papa was a known doctor and all siblings studied there, and were good in studies and other activities(Alok was recluse one)....I couldn't stop laughing when Alok mall teased me during batch photo session as 'Lambi Vibha'(as he is a short man)...K.ramani.Poonam.with their daughters,Neelam with her siblings,husband,son...Alok Mall with his daughter,Ajay Suri,RohitBhasker,Bharti, Rajiv Ranjan-my bhabhi's brother,Rajesh and many more few with family,few with siblings or some alone...nice meeting with batchmates and juniors and seniors.

Around 15 teachers were there...they were felicitated...When teachers have to say few words...they recalled old days, praised students saying 'How most of them are doing well....!! Given few 'Mantra's which they got from their own gurus and now they were giving it to new generations...their shishyas(I remember the same when I told one of my webdesigner in a comment_he asked something, that make your spouse your best friend and be a diamond or a dog) of them(shri M.P.Singh sir talked about Sanskar/indian values,their own 'sankuchit soch'...mental blocks(as barauni is a gramin area though township was like a mini-bharat/india/hindustan),....and asked us to spread indianness in the world...apna chritra, pradesh ka charitra, desh ka charitra aur uski chaap vishva per....(in fact it reminded me of movie 'Mohabbetein-little bit'...and also what I had written in this blog that even in recession time 'Complete Person' can take family along and can live miljul ker unless situation is 'extraordinarily grim' and one cannot live together or in a joint as, I have written in a mail to baraunians that lets come together and spread good values and Sanskar which we got from our 'Teachers and Parents' in school time/Childhood....and Be a social Doctor in contemporary Global time with contemporary Indian values and present situations, though its nice to see even younger generation wearing traditional cloths in important occasions.

Sita madame told me personally, you look smart and we do tell people and girls to be smart and do not live in ghoonghat.I was listenning to them seriously and sincerely...when one sir(M.P.Singh sir) started talking about 'Character building' I wanted to end it with few positive lines and a message(that was not planned...though I was asked by Nidhi Sharma to recite my poem, which is written here now... I said no as teachers mood were to preach so they needed time)...but constraint of time and as all the teachers were in nostalgic, speaking was not possible. 

I remmember our History Sir Shri RNR Bhatt, who taught us history as a story, its facts are still on our finger tips. I remember Geography Sir who taught us geogrophy so well that we still have India's and world's Physical map saved in our memory. 
So as Economics in a simple language by Shri D.Jha sir which helps us to balance day to day economics of life, Maths sir shri Pandey or Chemistry Sir Shri M.P.Singh, Sanskrit mam- Mrs P.Jha...who taught us if neccessary how to be on stage within few minutes preparation and perform well(if one is not nervous), ....Manju mamm who taught us biology and she sang a beautiful song 'Tu jahan Jahan chalega Mera Saya Saath hoga'..for us or Shri S.P.N Sinha sir...who was natorious for listening cricket commentary even in the classroom....But a very good teacher....And all of them whom I forgot to mention here....including organizers Shri Umeshji and Devendra Singh, Nidhi Sharma, Sunil, Pankaj etc. Kudos to all of them who's effort made this possible to revive and relive our childhood again....I am sure it will go on.Good wishes.

But putting it to an end definitly I would remember our Late Principal Sir shri A.N.Singhji from varanasi....Who was a strict disciplinarian like my father, a dynamic man, man of good virtues and indian values and tradition, an intellectual, very good orator,and has a very good personality. Was always emphasised on physical fitness. A great motivator and use to keep an eye on everyone's record personally as I remember once after sportsday he came to our house. He had my black n white photo, which I still has and asked me 'You really look like Durga in it...but why this time you got less medals than last year. I was surprised. There were many smaller incidents where he used to pinpoint minor things to me and I use to get surprised with this personal touch. I am sure even others must have these kind of memories. It will tough for me to count his qualities over here in detail right now. But his words has very good imprint in my mind. Good to meet his Son Shri Awadhesh singh with his wife and kids. He is in army now posted in Chandigarh, was a good allrounder in school time. We all use to appreciate his qualities.Its nice to hear when I mentioned this, he said...NOW ITS OTHERWAY ROUND'.

(Sudhirji/Sudhir... was busy as 26th(saturday) as it was not his offday and in yearend he has to give a full page matter(special feature) which was to publish on Monday(28th)....and on 31st,his cartoons were published on every page, He has to make extra caricatures and a special and beautiful coloured cartoon which is printed on Official Newyear card. Even Aditi was busy in some important work)