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Planning Meet

Details of the Proceedings of the Meeting of Baraunians (KV HFC Barauni Alumni) on 15th Nov 2009 at 03:00 pm at Hotel Fortune, Sector-27, Noida

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1. Umesh Sharma (1980)
2. Atul Gupta (1981)
3. Rakesh Bhasker (1981)
4. Devendra Singh (1984)
5. Rajeev Kumar Singh (1984)
6. Anil Kumar Jha (1984)
7. Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984)
8. Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988)
9. Gunjan Verma (1988)
10 Sunil Kumar (2000)

The above listed member participated and deliberated on various issues related to the execution of the Mega-Get-Together on 26/Dec/09 at Hotel The Centaur, Delhi Airport, New Delhi.

It was reported by all the present that several Baraunians are in touch with them and are very much willing to participate in the mega meet however they are delaying the registration due to one reason or the other in typical Barunian style. The number of such persons is around 50-60. It is thus very important that such Barunians be made to get themselves registered so as to avoid last hour rush.

The following issued were determined:-

i)    Boarding arrangements for the outstation Baraunians participating in the Mega meet shall be made & borne by the organizing committee at Hotel Ginger at New Delhi Railway Station so all the Barunians interested in participating the Mega meet must confirm their participation as early as they can so that the rooms may be booked to avoid last hour disappointments. The arrangement for arrival to the Venue of the Mega meet shall be done by the respective member at his own level, however the return transportation facility from the venue to the Ginger shall be provided by the organizing committee. Mr Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988), Tel No. 9811808570 was nominated as in-charge to oversee the entire arrangements.

ii)    It was decided to publish a Souvenir which will include the photograph of the individual member alongwith a brief profile. All the Baraunians (irrespective of their participation in the mega meet) are requested to forward their PP size photograph alongwith a brief profile of education, occupation and message for the Mega meet. Baraunians may also forward their articles, memoirs, write-ups etc as early as they can.
We need sponsors for the souvenir, so all the Baraunians who are in a position to get sponsors are requested to come forward and manage the same at the earliest.

Mr Atul Gupta (1981), Tel No. 9650993043 shall be in-charge of the subject.

iii)    The committee shall send formal invitation to the school authorities, retired teachers, members of the governing body of the school, local area MP, and some prominent persons. It was also decided that some retired teachers who are in touch with several Baraunians shall be invited for the meet and cost of their journey; stay etc shall be borne by the committee. It was also decided that some senior most teacher shall inaugurate the mega meet. All Baraunians may suggest further names and other details of such persons who can be invited.

iv)    It was also decided that there shall  be cultural program (CCA) during the evening, the Baraunians who wish to participate in the same shall communicate in this regard with Ms Nidhi Sharma (1984), 9811709005.

v)    It was also resolved that since the venue of mega meet consists of a massive banquet hall and shall be core area of activity, no  arrangements for hot  drinks  shall be made inside the banquet as there is Bar at the other end of the hotel  which can be utilized by the willing members. Mr Rakesh Bhasker (1981), 9872492005 shall oversee the entire arrangements in this regard.

vi)    Mr Sunil Kumar (2000), 9910099238 was assigned the work of contacting all the members of batches 1990 onwards and to seek their participation. We also need some more chasers for the batches after 1990 so we request the Baraunians to come forward.

vii)    It was also decided that the registration for the Mega meet shall be kept open till 13/Dec/09 as the final opportunity. The willing members may still register themselves. The final meeting for taking stock of the final arrangements shall be held on 13/Dec/09 at the venue i.e. The Centaur to finalize and freeze all the aspects.

viii)    It was also decided that the issue regarding giving a legal shape to the groups shall be taken up and accordingly steps for registration of a society will be taken up so that a bank account may be opened and operated in the name of the society.

ix)    It was also decided that special arrangements for Photography and Videography of the event shall be done; the batch photographs of respective members shall be taken and published in the Souvenir.

x) It was also discussed that Memento to commemorate the MGT-2009 may be presented to all the participants on 26/12/09. Some members of the opinion that the Memento should be given to all the Baraunians, irrespective of their participation or not. This issue was left undecided to further seek the opinion of all members.

xi) It was also discussed that the contribution for Baraunians who have passed out after 2000 (including the 2000 batch) should be reduced which is logical and a practice in vogue in various communities. This issue also needs opinion from all members hence was left open.

All Baraunians are requested to come forward with their suggestions in the matter so as to make the mega meet a grand success.

Mega-Get-Together Planning Meet 15-Nov-2009


Umesh Sharma(1980)
Atul Gupta (1981)
Rakesh Bhaskar (1981)
Devendra Singh (1984)
Rajeev Singh (1984)
Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984)
Pankaj Bhardwaj(1988)
Gunjan Verma(1988)
Chand Kumar(1992)
Abu Rashid(1992)
Rajeev Kumar (1991)
Sunil Kumar (2000)

* It was decided that the contribution  for the Baraunians passing out after 2000 be reduced to Rs 500/-

* It was also decided that the date for final registration for the MGT-2009 be extended upto 20/12/09 looking at the requests of various outstation Baraunians. It is now accordingly extended to 20/12/09 as the last and final extension.

* It was communicated by the members that around 12-15 teachers including some very senior teachers have confirmed their presence in MGT-2009.

* The entire sequence of events which will take place at the Venue has been discussed and finalized.

* The tariff for the advertisement for the Souvenir to be published was finalized, Atul Gupta (1981) shall issue a formal request to all Baraunians for collecting maximum possible revenue so that the Souvenir may be published with the expected standards.

* The details regarding web casting/telecasting the MGT-2009 on line were worked out which will also include the option of video conferencing for outstation members during the ceremony. Rajeev Kumar (1991) agreed to oversee all the technical and logistics arrangements in this regard. His mobile No. is 9899798865, desirous Baraunians may speak to him.

* It was informed by members that there is lot of activity going on between various members which will culminate on the eve of MGT-2009 making it a grand success.

* We still need some sponsors so as to overcome the various expenses now arising out due to additions of various new items in the MGT-2009, all Baraunians are requested to come forward from their level and arrange for more funds so as to make the MGT-2009 a benchmark.

All Baraunians are requested to come forward and make the MGT-2009 a grand success.