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Souvenir Publication

Scroll down for information on how to get your copy of Souvenir & DVD Set.

Souvenir was released on 12/Jun/2010 at Dy Chairman’s Hall, Constitutional Club, New Delhi

Errata: On page number 55, "List of Members who contributed but could not participate" - In this list while pasting the photograph below the list, the composer inadvertently chopped off the last entry [19. Ashish Kumar Roy (2000)]. Omission regretted --> Editorial Board.

Souvenir Released
Souvenir Released
DVD-Set (1 & 2 Movie, 3rd Photos)
Members Gathered for the Release of Souvenir

Occasion filled with excitement, very prestigious venue was booked by Nidhi Sharma(1984), several Baraunians gathered on the time but most of them in typical Baraunian style-late, very late, very very late. Most of the Baraunians from Delhi NCR were missing although committed to participate in the ceremony. Surprise entry was made by Bhavna Malik (Dhawan) (1980), being very popular during the school days as a sports representative of the school in Zonals, Regionals & Nationals several times.

Several Baraunins from recent batches - 2006-2007 also participated which is a very good trend of integration of our entire community.

Chief guest was nominated on the venue to release the souvenir - she was the pretty young daughter of Pnakaj Bhardwaj (1988) who obliged us by doing the needful instantly. She was made to stand on the table to be visible to all however she carried the released copy of the souvenir with her as it was presented to her on stage and she presumed it to be her prize.

Dinner as usual was filled with excitement with discussions mixed with tasty food. Every body spent very good time at the venue like a gathering at the Vinod Kendra. Ice creams and Gulab Jamuns were shared on requests. A formal photograph of all the participants was clicked. The ceremony came to end at around 10.30PM and reluctantly everybody wishes good bye with Nostalgic, emotional, intense feelings.

Some of the members with families went to India-Gate Lawns and enjoied the evening chatting with each other till midnight.

Minutes of the meeting dated 26/Jan/10 at Hotel Fortune, Noida:


Neeraj Jain(1980), Umesh Sharma (1980), Anil Chopra(1981), Devendra Singh (1984), Rajeev Kumar Singh (1984), Samerendra Singh (1984), Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984), Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988), Abu Rashid (1992), Sunil Kumar (2000), Arun Kumar (2005).


i) Name of Souvenir shall be “BARAUNIAINS” which will be released on 28/Feb/2010 in a function followed by contributory lunch. The venue shall be announced very soon, all Baraunians from Delhi NCR are expected to participate as it is the eve of Holi (reminisces of Townshipia Holi). All may keep their engagements posted accordingly although, it is a Sunday.

ii) The last date for submission of write ups, articles etc is 15/Feb/2010. Articles can be in any Indian Language.

A special featured article / write up projecting the contribution of Baraunians in the growth of India is also required - Please contribute article on this topic too.

All write ups / articles (original & unpublished) may be sent to

iii) The last date of booking of advertisement shall be 15/Feb/2010. It is expected that every Baraunian may get at least one advertisement issued at his level . Rates as decided are: Rs10,000/- & Rs 5,000/- for full page and half page respectively. The cheques may be issued in the name of “Ex Students Welfare Society of KV HFC” For further details Mr Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988), mobile no. +91-9811808570 may be contacted. Receipt will be issued for such payments.

iv) All Baraunians are to ensure that their photographs (soft copy / hard copy) with their personal details is either placed on the website or sent to the official address before 15/Feb/2010 under all circumstances. You may cross check your personal details as displayed on the website and get the mistakes if any notified at the earliest and before 15/Feb/2010 under all circumstances on

v) All Baraunians are required to forward their contribution of Rs 500/- (Five Hundred Only) towards the cost of DVD, Souvenir, postage and dispatch expense alongwith their present postal address so that the articles may be dispatched at the earliest. The said money be paid through cheque drawn in favour of “Ex-Students Welfare Society of KV HFC” with your name, batch, postal address subscribed on the back of the same.

How to get your copy of Souvenir & DVD Set

Send a cheque to the below address in favour of Ex-Students Welfare Society of KV HFC” with your name, batch, postal address written on the back of the same.

Mailing Address:

Ex-Students Welfare Society of KV HFC
112, New Delhi House,
27, Bara Khambha Road,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110001

Bank Account Details:

Ex-Students Welfare Society of KV HFC
A/c No: CA 61087163197
IFS Code: SBBJ0010390
State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
Branch: (10390) New Delhi, Bara Khambha Road
27, Bara Khambha Road, New Delhi 110 001
Prefix: 1091700001
MICR No: 110003008