बरौनी चलो रे !
MGT-2010 - Barauni Chalo Re !
Gatecrashers are listed near the bottom of this article in Red Colour.

MGT-2010 Narration बरौनी चलो रे !

After 26th Dec 2009, our first MGT at Centaur Hotel Delhi, it took us several months to emerge out of the tantalizing feeling of reunion. By July-August, 2010 there were whispers of organizing the next MGT. Baraunians were unable to zero-in on a suitable venue, but 25th December 2010 was an obvious choice because of Christmas vacations in Schools. There were a series of discussions and finally a suggestion to hold the MGT-2010 at Barauni emerged with strong and committed contentions by the team of Akhilesh Thakur (1981), Vivekanand Singh (1984) with excellent support by Pankaj Bhaardwaj (1988). The dream took a shape of reality when Mukul Shandilya (1992) voluntarily deposited Rs 2,500/- on 19/Sep/2010 for Next MGT (even when the mode and per head contribution was not yet decided and announced).

A meeting was held at Delhi on 19/Sep/2010 and the forthcoming event was named as बरौनी चलो रे !

Akhilesh Thakur (1981), Vivekanand Singh (1984), Pradeep Kumar Mishra (1984), Ajay Mohan Talwar (1984), Amitabh Krishna (1985), Krishna Murai (1988), Neel Kamal (1987), Chandan Kumar (1988), Dhirender Singh (1989), Amit @ Chiku (1990), Vishal krishna (1990) with the support of several other enthusiastic Baraunians formed a local team which was named as the LMG (Local Management Group). They held their first meeting on 3rd October 2010 at Urvarak Nagar Barauni and provided the first hand report about the existing facilities and the infrastructure. This team was able to assess and report the ground realities and the quantum of preparations required, which provided a concrete shape of the things to happen. Initially it was discussed that the event may be organized at Vinod Kendra of Urvarak Nagar Colony, but subsequently it was agreed that KV HFC would be the most appropriate and emotional venue. It was the most important act and step in the direction of turning the dream into a reality. Hats off to all of them, their supporters, their collaborators!

The flow of funds, contributions also started taking pace. The contributions, this year, were prescribed on the lower side. Several Baraunians who were not in a position to attend the MGT also contributed happily which further added to the emotional support of the forthcoming event. At Delhi there were discussions of group train reservation from Delhi to Barauni which was accepted and acted upon. Since, the arrangements were to be made at School Campus keeping in mind the entire requirements of the venue, Umesh Sharma (1980) volunteered to go to Barauni and provide a link of the entire arrangements. Accordingly he went to Barauni on 23rd Oct 2010 along with Sanjay Kumar (1985) from Patna accompanied by members of an event management group, which was arranged by Sanjay Kumar (1985). They were joined by Akhilesh Thakur (1981), Prem Chand Rai (1984) Vivekanand Singh (1984), Ajay Mohan Talwar (1984), Amitabh Krishna (1985) and Vishal Krishna (1990) at the School. In the School, they held meeting with present Principal of the School, Mrs Shanti Tigga along with staff members. The modalities of holding MGT-2010 in the School Campus was discussed. The Principal and School staff happily and enthusiastically agreed to extend all the possible support and permissions. A lot of excitement was visible on the faces of the School authorities and the LMG. Later, the services of Event Management Agency was not taken due to budgetary constraints but, their inputs helped us a lot.

Gathering at School for Planning on 23rd Oct 2010
23rd Oct 2010 - Meeting at Aahar, IOC

By the first week of November, 2010 there were intense activities of personal interaction amongst the Baraunians, private calls amongst the members requesting and persisting each other for presence in MGT were being made, which resulted in the increasing demands for the Hotel rooms and other infrastructure facilities. The organizing committee at Barauni was involved with their whole hearted efforts to make the event successful and memorable befitting the status of the group. The constraints at local level were being overcome by all means.

The Delhi group in the meanwhile got bulk reservation of train for 23rd Dec 2010 wherein 30 members with families confirmed. Delhi members who were traveling to Barauni were joined by participants from Ahmedabad & Singapore. The excitement of the forthcoming event was building up and there were several online conferences, tele-callings etc which further added to the deliberations of the event. The Local Management Group at Barauni in the meanwhile confirmed the reservation of bulk rooms at Hotel Devi Darbar at Zero-Mile and the booking of the Tent House, Caterers etc. The most moving gesture was shown by the Teachers and Students of the School who pooled a team of around 75 students to prepare for various Cultural events, coordination activities for the MGT. As per reports the School was asking the students to report on Sundays for such preparations. It is really touchy and welcoming and one can imagine the feeling of the students and Teachers of the School. Bimal Kumar (1984) who is located at Ahmedabad, dropped from his official tour to Delhi and met Devendra Singh (1984), Umesh Sharma (1980) to hold the discussion about the final shape of the things on 05/Dec/2010, several important aspects were discussed at length through tele-conferencing with LMG and almost all pending issues were settled on that day.

By the first week of December, 2010 the Local Management Group and the Coordinating Group at Delhi were very clear about the event and almost all aspects of the arrangements were being discussed time and again. The benchmark of earlier MGT-2009 was to be achieved hence the quality of the arrangements were kept in mind with that level as a result there was an anticipation of scarcity of fund as per the calculations of the Management Group as the event was planned at a massive scale, overshooting all projected calculations and improving the quality of the facilities to the maximum. An appeal was issued to the Baraunians for contributions and as a result,  funds started pouring in. The greatest efforts were done by Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988) who was literally acting as a Call Centre, calling his Batchmates, Seniors and Juniors to come forward and manage funds for the event. He also managed Sponsors for the Mementos and the Trophies to be presented during the event. Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988) although located at Delhi was also coordinating the involvement of Baraunians in and around Barauni - great event management skills. The list of the Baraunians who forwarded donations despite being not in a position to attend the MGT-2010 is as under (in order of batch-year):

1 Vivek Jha (1978) 
2 Bhawana Mallik (1980) 
3 Rajani Sharma (1980) 
4 Awadhesh Singh (1982) 
5 Prashant Mishra (1983) 
6 Rajeev Ranjan Prasad (1983) 
7 Sanjay Kapri (1983) 
8 Raj Kamal (1984) 
9 Rajive Kumar Goel (1984) 
10 Samrendra Singh (1984) 
11 Subodh Kumar (Bhatta) (1985) 
12 Ajay Kumar Thakur (1986) 
13 Sudhir Prasad (1987) 
14 Sunil Kumar Singh (1987) 
15 Aman Kumar (1988) 
16 Barun Khan (1988) 
17 Dev Jyoti Sharma (1988) 
18 Pranav Kumar Singh (1988) 
19 Roopa Ranjan (1988) 
20 Seema (Rosy) (1988) 
21 Laxmi Kant (1989) 
22 Sushant Saurav (1989) 
23 Rajeev Ranjan (1990) 
24 Hare Krishna Tripathy (1991) 
25 Jamil Ahmad (1991) 
26 Rajeev Kumar Singh (1991) 
27 Ranjeet Kumar Singh (1991) 
28 S Md Shakir Ali (1991) 
29 Piyush Pankaj (1992) 
30 Ramnish Mohan Sinha (1993) 
31 Archana Chandra (Binny) (1994) 
32 Abhishek (Robin) Singh (1996) 
33 Sanjeev Ranjan (1996) 
34 Himanshu Sinha (1998) 
35 Abhishek Singh (1999) 
36 Ashish Kumar Roy (2000)

In Delhi the entire logistics pertaining the banners, backdrops for stage, mementos, gifts, I-cards, registration papers, prizes etc were being prepared and finalized. This all was single handedly managed by Umesh Sharma (1980). One very interesting aspect was the offer made by Sanjay Kumar (1985) when he assured the organizers that he would arrange the Photographers and Videographers from Patna and shall also get the Flex prints for the Stage Back-Drop, Photography Point and outdoor Banners. He got all these prepared at Patna at his own level which did not involve any cost from the organizing funds. The design of the backdrop, photographic and outdoor banners were prepared at Delhi and the CD containing the entire material was sent to Patna through speed post (the size of the designs being large, it was not possible to send them through mail). As apprehended the CD was not delivered in time thanks to the speed post services of Government of India (Pawan Kumar, (1992) Director of Posts, Gauhati Circle, if reading, please be informed about the performance). The organizers had sleepless nights as there was no time left to re-send the CD and get the entire banners prepared and transported to Barauni from Patna. Thanks to Umesh Sharma (1980) who took extra ordinary pains to track the packet containing the said CD and informed Sanjay Kumar (1985) about the bag number and where it was lying in Patna postal department. EUREKA - it was found in one of the post offices awaiting delivery.

The Commencement of the Journey on 23/Dec/2010 from Delhi:

The commencement of the journey on 23/Dec/2010 for the Delhi team consisting of several Baraunians from other destinations may be treated as triggering of the chain of events culminating to MGT 2010. Bimal Kumar Singh (1984) arrived from Ahmedabad and joined Devendra Singh (1984) at his residence in the morning. The phrase “बरौनी चलो रे” became a reality when a team of Baraunians with their families boarded the train to Barauni in mass in Vikramshila Express and began their journey for our alma mater. Umesh Sharma (1980) arrived at the Anand Vihar (Delhi) Railway Station with largest number of baggage (as he was carrying all Mementos, Trophies and other logistics). Nidhi Chaturvedi (1984) and Suman Singh (wife of Devendra Singh (1984) helped by Anamika (wife of Bimal Kumar Singh (1984) had coordinated and prepared Food Packets for the entire group which not only served as a Dinner in the train journey but also became the breakfast for the next morning in the train. The culinary skills of the team deserve to be upheld as everybody was behind the Puri-Sabji-Achar, Veg-Biryani & fruit juice combination nicely packed in small packs. It was a feast on wheels! During the journey we were surprised to receive tea from the Train Conductor who instead of checking the tickets from our group was serving tea to us in a tray. We came to know that Subodh Singh (1985) who is an officer in Indian Railways had issued instructions to him on phone. The hospitality of Subodh Singh (1985) made traveling Baraunians surprised, when one tea vendor desperately searching for passengers to Barauni spotted us on Patna Junction Platform. He was delighted to find us and served the best “flavored tea" of Patna Junction. The train journey was so memorable that most of the members of the team were found holding discussions at length on various subjects. There was a great dhama chaukri during the entire journey as the reservation was spread across three compartments. In the train itself we came across several other persons who were residents of the Urvarak Nagar and Ex-Students of KV HFC Barauni, they also became a part of the team and became nostalgic. Next day, early morning on Patna Jn, we found Sanjay Kumar (1985) with the packets containing the Banners which were delayed due to late delivery of CDs from Delhi. Great work Sanjay! Everybody was performing his part of the role steadily; the forthcoming event was bound to be a success at this rate.

Mimicry Show by Kids in Train
Enjoying the togetherness
Enjoying the togetherness
Train mein Zua?
Enjoying the togetherness
Enjoying the Home-Made Food
De-boarded at Hathidah
Caravan of Vehicle was on the other side
Warm Welcome at Hotel Devi Darbar

The train arrived at Hatidah station in the morning of 24/Dec/2010, the Delhi group was received by an enthusiastic team of Local Management Group, with a caravan of vehicles and a big Banner announcing the arrival of the delegates to MGT. Akhilesh Kumar Thakur (1981), Vivekanand Singh (1984) and Pradeep Kumar Mishra (1984), Vishal Krisha (1990) were at the Hatidah station. The journey from Hatidah to Zero-Mile was like a homecoming, people exclaiming with excitement, ye dekho Gangajee, Bihat bazar. The group reached Hotel Devi Darbar, which is located at Zero-Mile. A banner at the hotel welcoming the delegates was a pleasant surprise. It was evident that the LMG at Barauni has left no stone unturned to welcome all Baraunians to Barauni. Upon arrival of Baraunian team at Hotel, Lunch in form of packed food packets was served on behalf of Akhilesh Thakur (1981) who was the sponsor of the Lunch on 24/Dec/2010 to all delegates at Debi Darbar for MGT-2010. The quality of food and taste was par excellent. But, everybody was in hurry to rush to the KV HFC immediately after the check-in. The visit to the KV HFC Barauni in hordes was a day long phenomenon; it seems that we had not left this place at all. The entire structure, although in a bad shape was standing with the same ambience, we were aware of every nook and corner of the place instinctively and visited the places with utmost emotional feelings. The feeling generated in the School was original and very touchy. Everybody was making several rounds of the School and desperately freezing the moments by taking snaps at several places which included Corridors, Classrooms, Office, Library, Principal’s Office, Hand-Pump and even Toilets.

School decorated with Buntings & Festoons
School decorated with Buntings & Festoons
School Coridoors of School
Back to the Classroom
Same old Toilets
Our Basketball Ground
Central Stage
Imitating writing Thought for the Day !
Drinking Water from Hand-Pump like a Kid

The entire day of 24/Dec/2010 at the Hotel Devi Darbar was filled with chain of events leading to periodic nostalgic discussions. Most of the members also visited their homes (which are now only ramshackle houses) in Urvarak Nagar. They are now abandoned and deserted. Time has taken its tall. The feelings were impulsively touchy and nostalgic, only the reminiscences of the existing township were visible. The experience can be summed up by saying “reminiscences make one feel so deliciously aged and sad”. By the evening several Baraunians from other places had also checked in and there were a lot of interactive activities going on.

Gate No 1 of Urvarak Nagar
Gateway of HFC Barauni Colony
Urvarak Nagar's Pond
Back side of Fertilizer Club
Banyan Tree emerging from Cracks
Photo of Photo of Mandir Sthapna

Pradeep Kumar Mishra (1984) who owns the Ahaar Restaurant at IOC campus had invited us for dinner in the evening of 24/Dec/2010 and had made very special arrangements with excellent decoration of the hall with balloons, flowers etc. He had also invited the District Magistrate, Begusarai Mr Jitender Srivastava along with his family who happens to be the chairman of the VMC (Vidyalaya Management Committee). The entire team of Baraunians with their family members enjoyed the Dinner. The DM and his family were amazed to see the enthusiasm of our group. The DM was appraised about golden era of Barauni. The group has a glorious past. The problems of KV HFC were discussed at length for nearly 3-4 hours. By mid-night we were able to leave the venue with an eagerness to re-unite in the morning itself.

25/Dec/2010: It was the D-Day!

The entire Campus of School was decorated with big Banners, Gates, Flowers, Buntings & Festoons etc and there was lot of activity going on, in and around, the School Campus. Large numbers of students were present in the School Campus although it was a holiday. The well decorated Stage, Pandals, Reception Area and Catering Area were the result of the good work done by the LMG, which had done a splendid work. Akhilesh Kumar Thakur (1981), Vivekanand Singh (1984) and Prem Chand Rai (1984) were seen running around for the last minute finishing touches to the entire arrangements. The entry at the venue was magical and one became spellbound to see the most deliberate arrangements done by the LMG. The members of the local management group at Barauni were most humble and engrossed in welcoming the guests; what is there more kindly than the feeling between the guest and host?

Well Decorated Pandals - remote view
Well Decorated Pandal - inside view
Stage Backdrop
Aeromodelling Show by Abu Rashid (1992)

The function was scheduled to start at 12.30 PM with the Aeromodelling Show by Abu Rashid (1992) who had brought a model aircraft from Delhi for the show. Important to mention that Abu Rashid was scheduled to leave Delhi on 23/Dec/2010 by Rajdhani Express, he missed the train and was accommodated in Vikramshila Express along with the main group. Where there is a will, there is a way! The show started at the scheduled time. The miniature aircraft took-off from the ground and within minutes of the Aeromodelling Show there were around 1000 people around the play ground of the School. The entire “Aeromodelling / Acrobatics Show” was for around 45 minutes, which was a symbol of the heights achieved by the group. The aircraft landed safely on the front playground of the School. The Aeromodelling / Acrobatics Show was mesmerizing which left people spell bound. There was lot of excitement going on in the play ground as the show was unique and inviting praise from all.

The Aeromodelling Show came to end, when a sound of whistle by the present PTI of School with a loud order of “Fall-In” was heard in the ground. It was amazing that how everybody loved the order with a smiling face which was totally contrast to the days when we were studying in the School. It was a call for start of Morning Prayer. The entire group assembled in the well decorated Pandal after two-three such whistles and then the formal prayer led by a group of students - अस्तो माँ सद गम्य, तमसो माँ ............शांति! शांति! शांति! All of us standing with folded hands and lost in the prayer. It was a feeling which was original and pure at the same place with same spirits. The oath was administered by Vidyalaya Students - भारत हमारा देश है ...The raised right arm of every individual present in the Pandal, not in School Uniform, with family members and grey hairs was worth watching view. The participants of that prayer assembly simply observed and felt that “time stalled for a moment” in the prayer ground. Some parents were in Prayer Ground with their grand children. Watching three generations in one moment taking oath was a rare delight for media persons present on the occasion. They were taking photographs in a frantic manner.

Students leading Prayer Assembly
Prayer Assembly in Progress
Mrs Shanti Tigga welcoming Baraunians
Vinay Kumar, SP Begusarai

The function started rolling and the sitting Principal of the School Mrs Shanti Tigga welcomed the participants of MGT 2010 and shared her feeling about the School, the Event and the Alumni. Meanwhile, Mr Vinay Kumar, IPS, SP Begusarai arrived and joined the function as our “Guest of Honour”. All other guests of honour were already present who included the present Genreral Manger of HFC Mr S S Sharma, the Principal of DAV School, IOC Mr D K Ghosh and Mukesh Kumar, Principal, DAV, HFC. All the guests of honour were requested to come on stage and were presented a memento; they were also requested to deliver formal speeches.

Ex-Teachers lighting the inaugural Lamp
Inaugural Speech by Umesh Sharma (1980)

This was the emotional formal beginning of the MGT. All Ex-Teachers present at the venue were requested to come to the stage one by one and felicitated with Garlands and Bouquets. The presence of the teachers on stage in one group was really a touching scene. All the teachers were requested to light the lamp and give a formal start of the event, which was done in very informal and quick manner. The Teachers present on the stage were:

1 Shri Satya Priya 
2 Shri S K C Pandey 
3 Smt Putul Jha 
4 Shri Dhananjay Jha 
5 Smt Sita Kumari 
6 Shri Anandi Shankar Singh 
7 Shri D D Kumar 
8 Smt Pratibha Chaudhary 
9 Shri Binay K Sinha 
10 Shri R N Rai 
11 Shri P N Singh 
12 Shri R N Chuadhari 
13 Shri H A T H Saihedi 
14 Shri Arvind Kumar Singh 
15 Shri Sudarshan Upadhaya 
16 Shri M P Singh 
17 Dr Anil Kumar 
18 Smt Asha Rani Sharma 
19 Shri Sashi Mohan Singh
S K C Pandey Sir
Putul Jha Madam
Dhananjay Jha Sir
Sita Kumari Madam
Anandi Shankar Singh Sir
D D Kumar Sir
Binay K Sinha Sir
Pratibha Chaudhary Madam
R N Rai Sir
P N Singh Sir
Aasha Rani Sharma Madam
Md H A T H Sahedi Sir
Anil Kumar Sir
R N Chaudhary Sir
M P Singh sir
Arvind Kumar Singh Sir
Shashi Mohan Singh Sir
Sudarshan Upadhayay Sir
Satyapriya Sir
Shanti Tigga Madam

The entry to the venue was through a registration counter where the participants were required to fill up the short bio-data form, get identity cards for himself and his family members along with the Lucky Baraunian Coupon & the Food Coupon. This job was assigned to the current students who did it with utmost dedication and perfection. The member Baraunians were given the I-Cards with yellow strips whereas his family member with that of blue strips. The I-Cards contained the Name, Batch Year of the Baraunian which helped each other in identifying and recognizing old pals. This also gave a professional look. Everybody was made to wear a badge containing the logo and the name of the group. For kids and present students of the School it was a prized possession. The reactions at the registration area were enthralling, interesting, peculiar, full of affection and witty, but original - अरे तुम कितना मोटा गया है ! -- अरे तुम तो गंजा हो गया रे !

Registration Counter manned by Students
Photography Point

There was a special photography point with a beautiful backdrop of School Play Ground, designated for individual, family and group photo with batchmates etc. It was main attraction in registration arena.

There was a lot of excitement for getting hold of batchmates and getting photographed. It continued throughout the event and as a result of that we are left with around 1,000 photographs besides the video recording.

To give a more memorable touch to the event Shri Vinay Kumar was requested to plant a tree inside the School campus, which he did along-with a group of our Senior Teachers. During entire period he was nostalgic kept on talking about his Schooldays and the teachers. He wished, he should have been part of Baraunians and desired to be in touch with Baraunians through e-mails.

Tree Plantation by Guest of Honor and Ex-Teachers
Road-map of Baraunians presented by Devendra Singh (1984)

The events at the stage caught momentum with the variety of cultural programmes presented by the students of KV HFC which contained western music, dances, songs etc. The entire venue was now jam-packed, all chairs occupied, several people standing around the chairs. By 6:00 PM in the evening almost all the members, guests were present and the event was in full bloom of the things. Besides the activities at stage, the entire Pandal was filled with excitement and interactive activities. Batchmates and friends were seen introducing their family members with proud with light discussions during the events. The snacks were shared with more formal touch and most of the people were seen requesting their batch mates to share the snacks with them (instead of snatching them like the School days). The main attraction on stage was the introduction of the Alumni with their family members with a brief back ground of their qualifications and present occupation and some interesting facts about their contributions to the group as well as their personality. The entire cultural events were integrated and structured by Bimal Kumar by holding rounds of discussions for inclusion and omissions on telephone. The blue print of entire event with tentative time was prepared and adhered to, keeping in view the constraints of local students and worries of their parents. The students of KV HFC presented “Welcome Dance”, a chorus song and a Swiss dance on the lines of Salsa which became a point of attraction for all. The dance teacher of School presented a solo song. The kids of the participating Baraunians also presented several cultural events – Atul, son of Akhilesh Kumar Thakur (1981) with his team presented some excellent western music numbers, Pranjal, son of Nidhi Chaturvedi (1984) played Guitar, Kanishka & Shruti, daughters of Bimal Kumar (1984) presented several dances, Anvesha & Anusha, daughters of Kiran Singh (1992) also presented excellent dance numbers during which our most enthusiastic Baraunian P K Palit (1984) jumped on the stage for dancing. About the performance of PK Palit, keep it up Palit, you have shown us that dance is the perpendicular expression of the horizontal desire.

Atul - son of Akhilesh Kumar Thakur (1981) singing for Chemicals Band
Pranjal - son of Nidhi Chaturvedi (1984)

Welcome Dance by KV HFC Students
Recital by Kumar Nirmalendu (1985)
Swiss Salsa Dance by KV HFC Students
Swiss Salsa Dance by KV HFC Students
Shruti & Kanishka - daughters of Bimal Kumar (1984)
Anvesha - daughter of Kiran Singh (1992)
Anvesha & Anusha - daughters of Kiran Singh (1992)

Kumar Nirmelendu (1985) reminded the old days of the house events when he recited a Bhajan in his original form, everybody was spell bound, after all the stage was the same where he used to perform during his School days, most of the audience were also the same, the only gap was of the time period of around 25 years which did not seem to have made much of difference rather had enhanced the intense feelings. All of us were lost, engrossed and enthralled, thanks Nirmalendu, we are proud of you. It also took us to the old days and for few minutes we were lost.

3rd - Sanjay Kumar (2000)
2nd - Sanjeev Kumar (1993)
1st - Madan Kumar (1997)

In the midst of the cultural events, the Lucky Baraunian-Member Draw was held. As proposed, it contained the name of the entire member Baraunians who are registered at the website totaling 531 on the date. Slips containing the Name, Batch Year, Phone Number of all members were put inside a box and our teachers were requested to take out one slip each announcing the 3rd, 2nd and 1st prize. It was really full of excitement; it also ensured the participation of all members irrespective of their location on the globe. The winners were:

1st - Madan Kumar (1997) --> Collected by Navendu Parashar (1997) 
2nd - Sanjeev Kumar (1993) --> Collected by Praveen Kumar (1991) 
3rd - Sanjay Kumar (2000) --> Still with DS – Please contact to collect.

The said event was followed by the Lucky draw from the participating Baraunians in the MGT-2010. The winners were:
1st - Debashish Banerjee (1992)
2nd - Prem Chand Rai (1984)
3rd - Ram Sagar Sahani (1986)

3rd - Ram Sagar Sahani (1986)
2nd - Prem Chand Rai (1984)
1st - Debashish Banerjee (1992)

The road-map of the group was described by Devendra Singh (1984) who was at the helm of the affairs and had interacted and dealt all matters for the group throughout the year. He was quick to announce the FD for Scholarship for an amount of Rs 1,00,000/- (One Lakh) at School to be contributed by our group besides the donation of good books for the School. One must be poor to know the luxury of giving; our group has resolved to manage this amount immediately after the discussion with the DM, Begusarai who had pointed out the shortcoming of good books at the library of the School.

Blessings by Dhananjay Jha Sir
Blessings by Satyapriya Sir
MGT Dinner
MGT Dinner
Baraunians on Dance Floor
Night view of MGT Venue

The last leg of the event was filled with speeches of some of our teachers including our Satyapriya Sir (we had no intentions of giving all teachers a chance to speak as they are used to speak for 40-45 minutes non-stop). It was a tough decision of not allowing all teachers to speak although all of them were wished to. The event was at the full bloom and the DJ with full volume on and the dance floor jam-packed like a bus from Zero Mile to Begusarai! Everyone tried to accommodate everyone, as a result of the same there were several rounds of dances - all Seniors, Juniors, some of the Teachers at the same platform in full freaky mood. It was more enjoying watching the activities of the dance floor than dancing itself. The current Students of the School were seen pulling the Alumni Seniors to the dance floor to dance along-with them. The session continued for several hours and the sumptuous dinner was served. Full variety of food with Litti chokha to Chow mein, Gol Gappas, Ice Cream, big sponge Rosgulla. It was evident that there is no love sincerer than the love for food. The arrangement and logistics were excellent, the ambience was appropriate and the group of Baraunians more interesting. In the midst of sharing rosgullas, Baraunians were seen introducing their wives, children to each other. It continued till 10.30PM; it was a Grand MGT-2010!

Teachers were overwhelmed with joy when they saw their efforts of School days turning into a fruitful tree and their effect in society having infectious fragrance of success in life.

Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight; 
Make me a child again just for tonight!

The vote of thanks was presented by Akhilesh Thakur (1981). The entire event was amalgamation of efforts of organizing team and Local team in a coherent way resulting into praises from all corners. 

Special Gratutude For The Following Baraunians Who Made The Mgt-2010 A Grand Success: (in the order of their batches)

Akhilesh Kumar Thakur (1981), Vivekanand Singh (1984) Pradeep Kumar Mishra (1984), Prem Chand Rai (1984) - who were the backbone of the Local Management Group at Barauni, we thank them all for booking excellent hotel, ensuring all facilities, good food, very impressive Tentage and all other arrangements. Ajay Mohan Talwar (1984) took pains to visit HFC colony from Barauni several times and help in the arrangements with his valuable suggestions. This is really a team work deserving all appreciation.

Umesh Sharma (1980), Devendra Singh (1984), Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984): Overall monitoring of MGT 2010 with excellent coordination with all group members and basic driving force for almost all fronts in organizing the MGT 2010. The financial accounting, doing bulk booking, printing I-cards, mementos, souvenir etc from local market of Delhi. Raising alarm for short of funds and unorganized confirmation scenario were the situation faced by them and always doing course correction as per situation demand is commendable.

Amitabh Krishna (1985), Vishal Krishna (1990) for holding the field at HFC township and taking all responsibilities assigned to them in true spirit of Baraunians.

Sanjay Kumar (1985) - for ensuring the printing and delivery of the large back stage banners, outdoor banners and arranging video recorder and photographer on his personal level which enabled us to utilize the funds for other heads. (All arrangements from him were free of cost to us!)

Rajesh Chandra Prasad (1984) for managing the entire photography event more efficiently as a result of that we have around 1,000 photographs which are the main part of our memories of the event.

Subodh Kumar Singh (1985) ensured the bulk booking of train tickets from Delhi to Barauni and de-boarding of all, at Hatidah station.

Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988) - for making excellent arrangements for vehicles at Barauni. All of us were provided vehicle on demand at any place. He is also the largest pooler of funds. He along with Sanjay Kumar (1988) was instrumental in pooling funds for mementos, trophies, presentations. Sanjay Kumar used his personal influence to ensure the presence of our guest of honor Sh Vinay Kumar, IPS, SP, Begusarai to attend our event.

Jitender Singh (1988) took the charge of allotment and adjustment of rooms at hotel as per the demand and as per the timing of the arrival of Baraunians and our respected teachers. (He was seen moving around with a list even during quite late hours of night for adjusting the rooms)

Gunjan Verma (1988) was seen collecting the funds for on the spot registration of the Baraunians.

Rajneesh Prasad (1988) and Bimal Kumar (1984) for contacting all teachers and ensuring their presence in the event. Bimal sent the hard copy invitation to the Ex-Teachers on his own expenses. Bimal also coordinated with the School Management and managed the Stage during MGT-2010.

Abu Rashid (1992) for the grand Aeromodelling / Acrobatics Show which was unparalleled and unique. (He missed his train at Delhi but managed to reach Barauni with family and his Aircraft Model for the show).

All Baraunians who donated huge sum of money despite their not attending the MGT-2010.

Over and above all the Baraunians who participated in the event with their families. Look forward to continue the get together again.

The Newspapers of the area gave a wide coverage of the event with colorful photographs.

List of Membes who Contributed and Participated:
1 Anil Bhardwaj (1980)
2 Krishna Kumar Prasad (1980)
3 Prem Kumar (1980)
4 Rita Pandey (1980)
5 Umesh Sharma (1980)
6 Akhilesh Thakur (1981)
7 Shardendu Kumar Singh (1982)
8 Poonam Sharma (1983)
9 Ajay Talwar (1984)
10 Amresh Sinha (1984)
11 Bal Krishna Jha (1984)
12 Bimal Kumar (1984)
13 Bipin Kumar Mishra (1984)
14 Devendra Singh (1984)
15 Kailash Yadav (1984)
16 Nidhi Chaturvedi (Sharma) (1984)
17 P K Palit (1984)
18 Pradeep Mishra (1984)
19 Prem Chand Rai (1984)
20 Rajeev Kr Singh (Jeevar) (1984)
21 Rajesh Chandra Prasad (1984)
22 Rajiv Ranjan (1984)
23 Ramesh C Chaudhary (1984)
24 Sandeep Pathania (1984)
25 Seema Ghosh (1984)
26 Vinay Kumar Singh (1984)
27 Vipin Kumar (1984)
28 Vivekanand Singh (1984)
29 Amitabh Krishna (1985)
30 Kumar Nirmalendu (1985)
31 Namrata Sinha (1985)
32 Sanjay Kumar (1985)
33 Subodh Kumar Singh (1985)
34 Vandana Bhardwaj (1985)
35 Ajay Singh (1986)
36 Ashab Alam (1986)
37 Manoj Kumar Thakur (1986)
38 Prabhat Kumar (1986)
39 Ram Sagar Sahni (1986)
40 Sangeeta Prasad (1986)
41 Ramanuj Singh (1987)
42 Shiv Kumar Chaturvedi (1987)
43 Ajit Kumar Pandey (1988)
44 Biresh Sharma (1988)
45 Chandan Kumar (1988)
46 Gunjan Verma (1988)
47 Jitendra Singh (1988)
48 Krishan Murari (1988)
49 Pankaj Bhardwaj (1988)
50 Rajneesh Prasad (1988)
51 Sanjay Kumar (1988)
52 Vinod Kumar Singh (1988)
53 Anita Singh (1989)
54 Dhirendra singh (1989)
55 Rajiv Kumar (1989)
56 Amit (1990)
57 Anand (1990)
58 Vishal Krishna (1990)
59 Pawan Kumar (1991)
60 Praveen Kumar (1991)
61 Abu Rashid (1992)
62 Debashish Banerjee (1992)
63 Kiran Singh (1992)
64 Priyadarshi (1992)
65 Manmohan Krishan Tripathi (1994)
66 Manoj Kumar Singh (1993)
67 Mukul kr Sandilya (1993)
68 Prabhanjan Verma (1994)
69 Rajnish Ratnakar (1994)
70 Satyam Raj Raju (1994)
71 Abu Zahid (1995)
72 Rumi Ahsan (1996)
73 Debjani Banerjee (1997)
74 Divya Singh (1997)
75 Navendu Parashar (1997)
76 Vivek Singh (1997)
77 Anushree Sinha (1998)

Non-Member contributed & Participated:
1      Vivek Yadav (1988)

Following is the list of people who wished to be treated like Guest in a Barat

Members Participated without Contribution (Gate-crashers):
1 Satyendra Thakur (1989)
2 Shreedhar Kumar Dubey (1989)
3 Rupesh Mohan (1993)
4 Prem Prakash (2000)
5 Dominik Ekka (2006)

Non-Member Participated without Contribution (Gate-crashers):
1 Dharmendra Kumar Lal (1988)
2 Pawan Singh (1989)
3 Santosh Kumar (1989)
4 Subesh Singh (1989)
5 Vivek Kumar (1990)
6 Pradeep Kumar Chauhan (1991)
7      Rajesh Kumar (1993) - DOB: 12-05-1974, Mobile: +91-9431029543
8 Pintu Kumar (1992)
9 Pankaj Kumar Sinha (1994)
10 Rakesh Kumar (1994)
11 Rakesh Prasad Verma (1994)
12 Ankur Kumar Chandan (1995)
13 Prashant Kumar (1995)
14 Virendra Kumar (1996)
15 Amarjeet Singh (1997)
16 Piush Kuwar (1997)
17 Sajjad Khan (1998)
18 Prabhat Ranjan (2001)
19 Rajesh Kumar Singh (2002)

Teachers from KV HFC Barauni who participated:
1 Mrs Shanti Tigga Principal
2 Shri Vijay Kumar PGT (Computer)
3 Shri A K Singh PET
4 Miss Smita Bharti TGT (Eng)
5 Mrs Sarita Km Das Music Teacher
6 Shri A K Verma LDC
7 Shri Raj Chandra Dance Teacher

The list of Guest of honour:
1. Shri Vinay Kumar, SP Begusarai
2. Smt Shanti Tigga, Principal, KV HFC Barauni
3. Shri D K Ghosh, Principal, DAV, IOC Barauni
4. Shri S S Sharma, Care Taker, HFC, Barauni
5. Mukesh Kumar, Principal, DAV, HFC

Press Coverage by Hindi Newspaper - Danik Jagran
Press Coverage by Hindi Newspaper - Hindustan

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